Russian police quash gay flashmob before a single banner could be unfurled

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LGBT Balloons Russia

In 2013, Russia passed a law against what it called “gay propaganda” to mark President Vladimir Putin’s push towards a more conservative and traditional set of policies. That law was on full display today as a flashmob of around 50 protesters in Moscow were immediately arrested before they could release a single balloon or open a single pro-LGBT banner. This … Read More

Is American Idol done?

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American Idol Final Season

Is the musical kingmaker American Idol reaching its conclusion? If you ask that question to most Americans, the answer will be a snide remark such as “it’s been done for a while.” Now, Fox may be taking the hint as industry insiders are pointing to the upcoming 15th season as the show’s last. This is continued bad news for Fox … Read More

Did the Philippines build the Uber guidelines of the future?

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Uber Guidelines

One of Uber’s biggest strengths and greatest challenges has been fitting into established regulations pertaining to hired drivers and rideshare. In some areas, they have an advantage over traditional taxi companies. In others, they have to jump through regulatory hoops while fending off pressure from the cab companies themselves. A set of “progressive regulations” have been established in an unlikely … Read More

Ram Rebel or Ford Raptor

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Ram Rebel or Ford Raptor

While the Ford Raptor is the pinnacle of domestic performance when it comes to trucks, much like the Corvette is for performance cars, there may be many reasons to choose another model over the Raptor when looking for a truck with all the capabilities desired. Considerations to make are how the truck is going to be used, where it will … Read More

Uber: Don’t Call it a Taxi

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Uber Taxi

Raise your hand if you’ve had a negative experience with a cab driver. Okay, you can put your hands down now. We’ve all been there; erratic driving, streams of profanity directed at other drivers, incessant horn honking, and the cheerful interruptions from dispatch. Coupled with traffic, sleepiness from travel, and surly drivers, riding in a taxi can be a harrowing … Read More