Can Wal Mart’s Service Centers Rival Your Local Toyota Dealership?

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Walmart Service Center

Wal Mart has announced that they will ramp up their auto service centers for customers. From oil change, tire changes, general maintenance, safety and emergency and accessories, Wal Mart is offering a plethora of services for your car truck or SUV. This will make it more “affordable” for consumers, but how does it really compare to your local automotive dealership? … Read More

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul agree about indefinite detention

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Ted Cruz and Ron Paul

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are working together. They may be battling on the campaign trail, but they’re in lockstep on Capitol Hill as the two Senators push to end indefinite detention of US citizens and permanent residents without charges or trial. The controversial portion of the National Defense Authorization Act gives President Barack Obama the ability to hold pretty … Read More

The Big Yellow Machines

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CAT Engine

Driving down many highways in the United States as well as passing by construction sites a familiar name stands out as the true benchmark of heavy machinery, that name is Caterpillar. As the largest manufacturer of heavy equipment in the world, Caterpillar has been creating the machines that have shaped the landscape and made the world more useable for all … Read More