Twins: How Star Trek Teleporters Work in UK Malls

Star Trek Teleporter UK Mall

The key to a good prank is to get the right people to pull it off. In this case, if you’re going to try to fool hundreds of onlookers at a UK mall, you need a very particular type of participant.

Star Trek teleporters have been a fun part of the science fiction world for decades. People imagine what it would be like to start at one point and materialize somewhere else. It would make getting back and forth from work much easier, particularly if you have a pesky commute.

For this prank, pulled off nicely with illusionist Scott Penrose in an effort to promote the Star Trek Into Darkness release on streaming service BlinkBox, they used twins planted in the audience and around the mall to make mall visitors suspend their disbelief, even if only for a moment. Here is the prank in all its glory:

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