Ram Rebel or Ford Raptor

While the Ford Raptor is the pinnacle of domestic performance when it comes to trucks, much like the Corvette is for performance cars, there may be many reasons to choose another model over the Raptor when looking for a truck with all the capabilities desired. Considerations to make are how the truck is going to be used, where it will be driven and how often will you make use of the awesome features offered and what another truck may have that the Raptor doesn’t in order to give you what you need. Not everyone needs a Corvette when looking for high performance in a car, and not everyone will need the Raptor for the same reasons.

Where it will be driven

Unless you plan to drive the Raptor across Death Valley, run the Rubicon or climb mountains in Moab you don’t really need all the capability the price tag of the Raptor brings to the table. Instead, the Ram Rebel offers a more affordable price with fewer capabilities. Does that mean you shouldn’t get the Ford? Not at all, if you feel you might someday use the awesomeness of the truck, by all means, go for it, but for a little less money, Ram offers a ton of great features as long as you don’t push your off roading to the limit and beyond.

Air Suspension

The Rebel features an air suspension that bring the ride height up a little for off roading and lowers it some for regular daily road driving. This allows for some great feeling when riding along the road or trail in the Rebel and because this is not an aftermarket add on, the air suspension is fully-integrated into the infrastructure of the vehicle.

Motor Snobbishness

Who doesn’t love a HEMI? Truck guys love to brag about what’s under the hood and that’s harder to do when you have to say you have a 3.5-liter EcoBoost and then go into a whole conversation about how the engine is better. With the Rebel just say the word “Hemi” and everyone instantly knows how great the engine is. Until the acceptance of the EcoBoost has made it way to the truck guys of the world you many have to just ignore the question when you have the Raptor in your driveway.


The height factor may not be what you think, the Raptor can ride higher than the Rebel, but for shorter owners the ability to get into their truck without having to carry a step ladder wherever they go can be an important one. The Raptor features tires that can reach up to 37-inches while the Rebel maxes out at about 33-inches making it a bit shorter and easier to get inside.

Grill and Seat Covers

The Raptor certainly is the better choice in seat covers and the front grill. The Rebel offers the RAM lettering in a small form across the front grill while the Raptor says “FORD” loud and clear. The seat covers on the Rebel feature the tread of the tires that come with the truck so changing tires would require a change of seat covers as well, where the Raptor did not make such an error in judgement.

Overall, is quite obvious the Raptor is the more capable, but the Rebel has plenty to enjoy and with a smaller price attached to it, might be the better choice in the world of high-performance trucks to ensure you can have a great time behind the wheel of your truck. Either way, both are great trucks and will make other off road enthusiasts very jealous when they see you rolling down the street or out on the trails.

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