Did the Philippines build the Uber guidelines of the future?

One of Uber’s biggest strengths and greatest challenges has been fitting into established regulations pertaining to hired drivers and rideshare. In some areas, they have an advantage over traditional taxi companies. In others, they have to jump through regulatory hoops while fending off pressure from the cab companies themselves. A set of “progressive regulations” have been established in an unlikely place: the Philippines.

The Pacific island nation has embraced Uber as a better way to travel since opening up to them. Now, they’re pioneering regulations that would give the right framework for keeping up with the changing landscape of non-traditional ridesharing.

According to their blog:

Today is a historic day not only for the Philippines but for the entire Asia Pacific region. Philippine Transportation and Communications Secretary Joseph (Jun) Abaya enacted a new department order on “Promoting Mobility,” which aims to modernize and improve transport services to the commuting public by recognizing new forms of transport solutions that can have a significant impact on reducing congestion while creating thousands of new opportunities for drivers.

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