Russian police quash gay flashmob before a single banner could be unfurled

In 2013, Russia passed a law against what it called “gay propaganda” to mark President Vladimir Putin’s push towards a more conservative and traditional set of policies. That law was on full display today as a flashmob of around 50 protesters in Moscow were immediately arrested before they could release a single balloon or open a single pro-LGBT banner.

This event followed a similar one in St Petersberg. During that event, the protesters were allowed to wave their banners and release their multi-colored balloons in support of gay rights in the country. Once word reached Moscow, it was quickly made clear that the police were given instructions to react differently.

According to Yahoo News:

One of the organizers, Andrei Obolensky, said later that he and others were still detained at a police station, and only one of them had so far been released.

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