Nature helps the brain. Duh.

One doesn’t have to be a nature lover to believe in the therapeutic value of seeing green grass, trees, and natural landscapes. It’s common sense to feel like the beauty of the world can have a positive psychological effect on people, which is why a recent study that came to this conclusion shouldn’t really be considered newsworthy.

However, it did make the news, so we became interested in learning more. What we found turned out to be pretty interesting. By adding nature into the concrete jungle of standard urban workplaces, even if there’s no direct connection, the visuals seem to have a positive effect on the brain itself.

Take a look at what the Washington Post said about the study:

But the psychological benefits of green roofs to busy office workers may also be substantial, according to new research. In a study published in the journal Environmental Psychology, the University of Melbourne’s Kate Lee and a group of colleagues found that interrupting a tedious, attention-demanding task with a 40-second “microbreak” — in which one simply looks at a computerized image of a green roof — improved focus as well as subsequent performance on the task.

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