Self-driving cars could be Google ad spies, Audi boss warns

It could be the rash of conspiracy theories and new world order fearmongers that are getting to Audi CEO Rupert Stadler all riled up for no reason. Then again, he may be onto something as he accuses Google of getting into the car business in an effort to promote advertising revenues.

If you think the idea sounds crazy, it is. Of course, crazy ideas often find their way into reality when companies are given all of the power to do whatever they want. In the case of Google, a company who started off with a paradigm of “do no evil” and who have subsequently shifted their stance over the years, it’s very possible for the “smart cars” of the future to be able to become advertising and eCommerce havens. If you don’t have to drive a car, you might as well spend the drive surfing the internet, clicking on ads, and buying products.

While we’re likely several years away before a Google self-driving car hits the mainstream (and the roads) being prepared for what’s coming may be a best practice. According to the Daily Mail:

Volkswagen’s Audi will take a stringent line on guarding customers’ data, the carmaker’s chief executive said on Tuesday, in a thinly veiled swipe at new rival Google.

The emergence of self-driving and connected cars has made software a key component in future cars, opening the market to new entrants like Google, and shaking up the pecking order between carmakers and their suppliers.

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