Can Wal Mart’s Service Centers Rival Your Local Toyota Dealership?

Wal Mart has announced that they will ramp up their auto service centers for customers. From oil change, tire changes, general maintenance, safety and emergency and accessories, Wal Mart is offering a plethora of services for your car truck or SUV. This will make it more “affordable” for consumers, but how does it really compare to your local automotive dealership?

Your local Wal Mart will have a service center that can change your oil, rotate your tires, change the fluids in your vehicle, offer parts and batteries and offer car detailing, and advice. They have over 2,500 auto service centers across the country and certified technicians available to perform the work. This sounds great at first. They even tout that you can have your vehicle maintained while you do your shopping, killing two birds with one stone.

As nice as this sounds, is it really worth it? Should you have your maintenance and repairs done at your local Toyota dealership on your Toyota vehicle? My answer is yes, you should. There are several good reasons why you should maintain your Toyota vehicle at the dealership. Most dealerships offer maintenance plans when you purchase your vehicle, so if you go elsewhere, you are paying extra. Also, you can be sure your vehicle is being maintained up to Toyota’s standards with Toyota’s parts.

Your local dealership can also help you prevent costly repairs that you by recognizing a problem early since they inspect the vehicle during every maintenance visit. They can recommend early maintenance if you drive more rigorously, or even delay some maintenance items if you are a “gentle” driver. When your local Toyota mechanic, who is certified and factory trained to repair your vehicle, gets to know your car, truck, or SUV, they can make sure it is safe for you to drive.

So remember, when you think about repairs at Wal Mart, it may save you a couple of dollars today, but it may cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars down the road. Toyota parts and repairs are also warrantied so that you have some assurance that if in the unfortunate event it fails, Toyota has you covered. You can be sure that when Toyota maintains and repairs your vehicle, you are receiving quality workmanship and parts.

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