Drone used to smuggle drugs into jail

A drone dropped a package into the courtyard of theĀ Mansfield Correctional Institution last week. It contained drugs and tobacco according to JoEllen Smith from the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

This wasn’t the first time that a drone had dropped off a package at the jail. Almost a year to the day earlier, another package was dropped that caused a fight and forced extreme actions to be taken on all inmates including pepper spray, strip searches, and solitary confinement. The package was not recovered.

It brings to mind a question about the potential for so many bad things being perpetrated by drone operators. They easily-obtained flyers can carry small packages anywhere within proximity. They can be controlled remotely or programmed to follow a flight plan. This means that dropping contraband off at jail could be among the least of the dangers. The imagination can come up with other more nefarious and deadly ways that drones could create havoc and harm. Should something be done about them now or are they really going to continue to be classified as toys?

According to the Mansfield News Journal:

According to the ODRC, on July 27 a fight broke out on the north recreation yard, and corrections officers Jade Wojciechowski and Melinda Hane called for assistance and gave orders for the inmates to stop fighting. Other inmates on both north and south recreation began running in the general direction of the fight. The officers then used pepper spray to control the fight and ordered all inmates to get on the ground. The inmates complied and remained on the ground as other staff responded.

Read more on the Mansfield News Journal.

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