Are the polls lying? Grassroots GOP seems to be leaning towards Cruz.

If one were to believe the polls, Donald Trump is leading the GOP race and Ted Cruz is a distant 5th or 6th. If you look at grassroots numbers, it’s the other way around. Are the polls too tilted towards popularity and media exposure rather than actual voting reality?

The beauty of the grassroots’ opinion is that it’s normally a much better indicator of real voter activity. Anyone can take a poll. Many of those being polled will never find their way to a voting machine or ballot box. Instead, they’ll simply talk about their support by the water cooler. It’s the grassroots that will actually go and vote, many of whom seem to be leaning towards Ted Cruz for President.

He’s a Tea Party favorite for sure as described on Breitbart.

The heavy support for Cruz didn’t surprise Meckler, though. “I’m continually surprised by the disconnect between polling and what I hear about Cruz as I travel the country (20 states since January),” Meckler told Breitbart News after the call ended. “I believe his support among the grassroots is much stronger than the polls reflect, and that such enthusiasm will pay political dividends in the end.”

Read more on Breitbart.

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