‘Fired’ Trump political adviser is pretty certain he resigned

Roger Stone, the top political adviser for Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign, was fired today… if you believe Donald Trump. According to Stone, he resigned last night and provided his resignation letter to CNN as confirmation.

While it’s very possible that the Trump campaign is telling the truth about not receiving the resignation letter, it would seem more likely that Stone’s story is correct. Matt Mackowiak, a Republican political consultant and close friend of Stone’s, told CNN that Stone was deeply disappointed with Trump’s debate performance Thursday.


During the debate, Trump sparred with the Fox News anchors, particularly Megyn Kelly. He has since been doing damage control for reactions and then reactions to reactions that keep pointing to a man that can’t stop putting multiple feet in his mouth at the same time. What came to light during the debate were several comments by Trump about women, calling certain individuals “pigs” and even telling a female contestant on The Apprentice, “That must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees.” Candidate Trump has been screaming to anyone who would listen that the questions asked of him were unfair compared to the questions that were asked of other candidates. Conservative Haven points to a perspective that might explain why this is the case.


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