Who can make a safer ‘Internet of Things?’ The NSA thinks it can.

Who are you going to trust to make things safer, more secure, and even more private? With the “Internet of Things” growing in prominence and becoming more of a reality every day, we can turn to the National Security Agency to safeguard our things… or can we?

Most would find the concept humorous, especially if you are familiar with the ongoing revelations from Edward Snowden. However, that’s not stopping the NSA from trying according to Naked Security.

The NSA is backing The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) with a one-year, $299,622 grant, the aim of which is to build a lightweight virtualization architecture that can be used to build cybersecurity into IoT systems.

And oh, what a dizzying array of systems that’s growing to encompass, given that just about anything can be made “smart” by connecting it to the internet.

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