German student lives on trains. Literally.

If you love travelling and hate paying rent, there’s a cheaper alternative in Germany. Buy a train ticket. The all-you-can-travel ticket costs $380 per month and allows you to board any train in the country you want.

That’s the story of 23-year-old Leonie Müller. After a dispute with her landlord, she decided that she no longer wanted to live anywhere in particular. Instead, she lives pretty much everywhere. Between classes and visits to friends and family, she stays on trains. She eats on trains. She works on trains. She even washes her hair in train restrooms. She’s living the ultimate traveler’s lifestyle.

It’s getting her a ton of attention in Germany and throughout Europe. She’s using this attention to spread the word about breaking outside of the norms of society. She also plans for her adventures to be the source of her final undergraduate paper.

If living in an apartment isn’t the right move for you, check out your local train fares. You might find that it’s actually cheaper and more enjoyable to have a moving home.

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