The Jaguar XF is better and is anticipated to keep getting better

The Jaguar XF comes from a small automaker that has to fight for every sale and every bit of attention it can get.  Not that Jaguar has ever had a problem getting the attention they need, but when you are a smaller automaker trying to build in the luxury world without entering the ultra-exclusive club of Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and others you have to put out products that the executives at many companies will want to drive.  Jaguar has done a masterful job of doing just that for a long time and certainly will continue to do so.

The XF is one example of a car they keep improving a great deal to become better each time they change it.  The new changes for 2016 is the fact that it now offers an aluminum intensive body that is similar to what the XE shows which has reduced the overall weight of the car by 265 pounds and made it 28 percent stiffer.  This makes it a much more ambitious drive and certainly lets the power be used for a better purpose than dealing with a heavier car.  This new XF feels great and looks awesome, both factors that will make it a car that many will want to buy.

Now, the getting better part comes in the engine compartment.  The current engine that will show up in the US is the 3.0-liter supercharged V6, which is great at 340 horsepower for the base model and 380 for the S model.  This engine makes use of the weight reduction to bring a run to sixty mph of only 5.0 seconds in the XF S AWD and 5.1 for the RWD model, but this engine won’t be enough when other makers show up with new models next year.  With that said, the XF is expected to be a beneficiary of the new Ingenium engine family which will offer new turbocharged four-cylinder variants as well as new V8’s to ensure the competition will be chasing the Jaguar models.

As it stands the driving of an XF is a feel-good and feel the road kind of drive.  The steering communicates everything to you, which is a bit different than in most luxury cars, but it certainly helps you adjust your driving to the road and help keep the car on a path to a highly successful drive.  The S-model does offer adaptive dampers with some settings to smooth out the ride, but the overall feeling is akin to a sports car, but if you want a more comfortable ride you might have to let Jaguar know you don’t want to feel the road as much.

For those who intend to take the XF to the track, the 20-inch tires give plenty of feedback as well and as you start to head over 100 mph range you will being to hear the wind and the road.  For the rest of us, who will enjoy the lap of luxury and a bit of a different ride fell, the cabin is quiet and perfect for listening to music while you sing along in and off key pitch that makes for entertainment for you and your passengers.

As I stated Jaguar is a smaller company and as such normally a smaller company can’t keep up with technology, but the XF has everything you want in a car.  It gives you adaptive cruise control, a bird’s eye camera view, a great touch screen interface and even a head up display.  These features along with the supple and supportive seats inside make for some of the best stuff you can get in any car.  The cabin has up to eleven choices for the décor and five full grades of leather to choose from. On the outside you have seventeen paint colors to select from and eleven wheels choices.  With all these options you can have a Jaguar XF that singular to you and reflects your own personality.

With the 5 Series, E-Class and A6 all due to be redone next year the rush for those new engines is one before they expose  the XF as an older model that needs to be replaced.  If the new Ingenium engines make it under the hood for next year, the XF will continue to be the dynamic and sporty player in a group that has become stodgy and boring in many ways.  Yes, the XF has certainly gotten better and looks to continue to do so with new power and a completely dynamic ride.

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