Kentucky clerk jailed for not breaking faith

After a short court session, U.S. District Judge David L. Bunning sent Rowan County clerk Kim Davis to jail for contempt of court. She declined to submit to and order from the judge to start issuing marriage licenses.

The situation has drawn national attention ever since the clerk ordered her staff to stop issuing licenses to anyone, gay or straight, to maintain fairness in her decision to not go against her faith. Since embracing her Christian faith four years ago, Davis has vowed to stay true regarding marriage equality. If her faith won’t allow her to give licenses to gay couples, than adherence to fairness prevent her from giving licenses to anyone.

Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee and other prominent figures have expressed support for the clerk. There have been attempts by various local and state politicians to prevent the situation from escalating to this level, but their efforts did not succeed in time. Some are turning this into a war of bigotry rather than marriage equality or religious freedoms.

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