The Donald Delusion

Nobody can deny that America in general and certain Republicans in particular are enamored by Donald Trump. It’s the entertainment factor. It’s the illusion of “straight talk” that masks the reality of his insecurities. It’s the suspension of disbelief akin to watching a Sci-Fi flick, completely disregarding that the plot has no substance but the special effects are great. It’s all of these things.

The most important thing that this Donald Trump candidacy represents is a delusion. Over 30% of the people selected to be polled among Republicans are claiming that they will vote for Donald Trump. Many are offering their undying allegiance, but most seem to be tickled about the prospects rather than passionate about the candidate. He’s getting support from conservatives whose perspectives he’s shunned in the past. He’s getting support from evangelicals whose faith he’s dismissed even recently. He’s getting support from minorities that he’s diminished his entire career in the spotlight. He’s even getting support from women despite crystal clear and court-documented traits of misogyny.

There is a strong delusion that is currently hovering through the minds of a great many people. It’s the type of delusion that pulls people into believing statements that have no substance. It has them applauding actions, words, and perspectives that they’d normally never support. It has them ignoring his┬ápast because they really want things to be better in their future. It’s this delusion that is pushing the country towards pushing another Democrat into the White House.

Donald Trump willfully acknowledges corruption. He has ripped people off in his business dealings, conning them into losing millions through failures and bankruptcies. He’s bought “favors” from politicians. Based upon what we can see with his personality, he’s probably bought worse things than favors. None of these things can be denied.

With all of this against him, how can Donald Trump be the frontrunner in the strongest field of GOP candidates the country has seen in decades? According to Sherlock Holmes through Arthur Conan Doyle, “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

This is where it gets weird.

We know that Donald Trump should not be a viable candidate based upon all of the public information we’ve seen so far. Therefore, we have to look at the improbably even if most of it is absolutely insane. Here are some of those possibilities:

  • Donald Trump is the benefactor of some sort of conspiracy that is inflating his perceived popularity in order to win real popularity. It could be the Illuminati, the New World Order, the Catholics, the Russians, or any of the entities in a long list of organizations that may or may not really exist.
  • This is supernatural. Whether it’s the Will of God or the manipulations of Satan, Trump’s popularity is being guided by forces that are beyond us all.
  • The internet wins and the country is lost. Blame it on mobile devices. Blame it on the Kardashians. In this scenario, something has broken down in society to the point that a man of such low morals and unenviable values is able to toot his horn loud enough that voters have become blind and deaf to reality.
  • The Democrats are rigging the election. They realize that their candidates are so weak that they would lose to any of the top five or six GOP candidates. As a result, they somehow inserted a ringer who will unwittingly create a straight path for President Obama’s successor to be one of his own teammates.

Whatever the reason really is for Trump’s continued popularity, two things are certain. Some of the people are falling for the delusion and most of the rest of us are scratching our heads wondering if this is real life or if we’re all just coming back from the dentist.

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