The real problem with the kid punished for wearing an American flag to school

All’s well that ends well, right? Actually, the correct answer is “sometimes.” At other times and in certain situations, a happy ending is not enough. We have to start asking questions about why certain things go awry in the first place.

The case in question is that of the 16-year-old North Texas high school student who served detention and faced suspension for wearing a shirt that depicted the American flag and an eagle. The school’s dress code says that all shirts must be solid color and the only emblems or logos can be for the school, colleges, orĀ for the military. This shirt and pretty much any shirt that show the American flag can be construed as a military shirt. The principal agreed after some prodding by the media and the punishment was lifted.

It ended well. Now for the real problem here. How did things come to this in the first place? Why would a school in the United States have a problem with a shirt that depicts the flag of the United States? Even in the harshest nations, national pride is something that is not only condoned but that is encouraged. Why wouldn’t it be encouraged here? Why would a school need to pull out the rule book to determine if this was acceptable? Why would a teacher feel it necessary to demonstrate hate towards America and promote that hate to his or her students?

Currently, this is no longer the America that many of us grew up in. It’s Obama’s America. It’s an America that is so intolerant for the sake of tolerance that even an American flag t-shirt draws questions of allegiance. We are training out children that allegiance to God, country, and the Constitution is evil while embracing other forms of “tolerance” are perfectly acceptable.

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