Why did the chicken cross the road? To get a hug

As a vegan checks over a menu at the Keg Mansion Steakhouse in Toronto he asks the hostess, “I don’t see any dog meat here.” After the hostess looks at the man, seemingly not understanding the question, he goes on to ask “…I thought this was a meat restaurant?”

After the man asked his asinine question, as if that wasn’t enough stupidity for one hostess to take in a day, a woman followed by asking her “where’s the dog meat? I mean, you’ve got other meats. I don’t understand it. Are you ever going to have dog meat here?”

The steak protesters then proceeded to the middle of the restaurant shouting at customers while the woman who couldn’t understand why a steak house wouldn’t serve dog meat gave her story of a chicken she once knew.

Folks, sanity has just left the building.


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