Obama administration plays public relations game to cover up Iranian missile provocation

Iran Missile Test

Sunday, Iran launched a precision guided missile that potentially violated a UN resolution. The resolution prohibits Iran from engaging in activities related to ballistic missiles which are designed to carry nuclear warheads.

What makes this so astounding are two things. First, the Iran Deal is supposedly designed to keep Iran from making a nuclear bomb, however the missiles that carry them are not prohibited? Second, the precision-guided missile, called the Emad, is the first such missile for Iran that has the capability of reaching Israel, a country they have repeatedly sworn to annihilate.

Now, the Obama administration is forced to play damage control by blowing off, clarifying, and even justifying Iran’s provocative actions. The popularity of the Iran Deal with the United Nations is already ebbing and flowing back and forth. The last thing the administration needs is for Iran to be testing a real rocket with hypothetical capabilities to carry a hypothetical nuclear warhead that they allegedly never intended to develop.

And this isn’t considered provocation?

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