Mike Huckabee ended his campaign with one stupid Tweet

Mike Huckabee

Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and Ted Cruz have demonstrated that aggressive comments in the right context can secure them headlines and move them up in the polls. Mike Huckabee then demonstrated that getting too aggressive, particularly on Twitter where the double-whammy (explained below) manifests its permanent, ugly head.

Huckabee, a moderate conservative a little to the right of Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio but not in the same league as Cruz, Carson, or Rand Paul, made a Tweet that many are calling racist and most are calling stupid. The irony is that his previous Tweet was about racism.

He then tried to cover it up by claiming that he was referring to the Kim Jong-un regime. Last time I checked, the leader of North Korea was not a chef. It should also be noted that I was in middle school the last time I heard kids making jokes about Asians cooking dogs.

His campaign wasn’t doing very well before. Now, it should be over. Here are three things that Huckabee is not:

  • A champion of the conservative movement. He’s lukewarm on many areas.
  • A representation of the modern Republican party. This is exactly the type of comment that gives firepower to liberals.
  • Funny.

Maybe this was a closing shot with him trying to stir up the groundswell of support that Trump, Cruz, and Carson received when they spoke politically incorrect truths. Huckabee wasn’t Tweeting a politically incorrect truth. He was just being racially insensitive, something that is allegedly popular in the Republican party. It’s time to prove Huckabee wrong and demonstrate that Republicans aren’t just a bunch of racists. Huckabee must drop out.

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