Jeb Bush is in serious trouble with a sinking campaign

Jeb Bush Sinking Ship

In May, there were already people calling it a near certainty that Jeb Bush would face Hillary Clinton in the general Presidential election of 2016. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders changed things quite a bit with the former doing much more damage than the latter.

Now, Bush is making severe cuts to his campaign finances and changing his strategy to combat what appears to be a sinking ship.

Clinton seems to have recovered nicely after Sanders failed to pull in enough support to push past her in the only Democratic debate and with Vice President Joe Biden deciding not to run. Bush was quickly pushed aside and even demonized by Trump and his supporters. When he would get some traction, another candidate such as Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz would muscle past him.

Now, he’s calling for a lifeline.

His plan going forward is to focus on the early states. Basically, he’s telling his donors that the nomination isn’t as “in the bag” as he thought so he’s going to have to fight for his political survival. This means placing well in three of the first four primaries in February and winning New Hampshire outright. Going into March 1 super Tuesday, he’ll need a good number of delegates or his campaign could be over with losses in Georgia, Texas, and other states that were supposed to be friendly to him.

Even in Florida where he was once governor, he’s dropping staff and expenses.

Those who support Trump, Carson, or Cruz shouldn’t be happy about Bush falling so quickly. He is currently holding the Republican Establishment at bay, but if they jump ship to a stronger candidate, it could mean a tougher fight for conservatives.

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