GOP candidate surges, mainstream media attacks, rinse, repeat

GOP Candidates Mainstream Media Attack

By now, Americans should be used to the way that liberal mainstream media operates. When they see a candidate other than Donald Trump gain momentum in the polls, they immediately go on the offensive to defend their preferred Republican opponent in the general election. It’s a cycle that is so easy to spot that even many on the left are seeing it and chuckling.

There’s a reality about mainstream media that many are truly starting to wake up to but that is still hidden beneath the surface enough so that most Americans are still blind to it. Their goal is to keep a Democrat in the White House. This has been the case since the early 80s when the 5th estate had achieved a generation of indoctrination that started in the 60s. Now’s not the time to discuss this, but it’s important background information so that people realize why Trump, for all of the negative press that he creates naturally for himself, hasn’t really been the target of many direct negative attacks. They want him to be the GOP candidate and they have systematically challenged anyone who could derail their plans.

We first saw it with Jeb Bush, the former frontrunner who seemed to be Trump’s biggest competitor. They took it a little too hard, though, and pretty much destroyed his campaign. The funny part was watching as they backtracked quickly. Once they realized they had hit him too hard, you suddenly started seeing stories about how he isn’t all that bad. Eventually, they gave up once they realized they had knocked his campaign into oblivion.

When Ben Carson started rising, they were holding back at first. They saw in Carson someone who might actually be an even better person than Trump to be their sacrificial lamb at the Democratic altar of mainstream media bias. We’ll get back to Carson shortly.

Carly Fiorina had a short rise after the second GOP debate. While most didn’t view her as a real threat, some thought that she could be Trump’s kryptonite. More importantly, the couldn’t take the risk of her catching fire and steamrolling through the other nominees because she was someone who could defuse Hillary Clinton. The swift and stalwart attacks on her were even more harsh than the attacks on Bush and had an ever more destructive effect.

Carson reemerged onto their radar and they realized that he wasn’t going to be a better lamb than Trump. In fact, they saw in Carson someone who could actually take Trump down completely, so they leveled attacks on his character, his experience, and anything else they could find to draw doubt about his abilities. Now, they might be regretting the attacks because as he fades, they’re realizing that he truly might have been weaker than Trump. Still, they used all of the ammunition they had to take him down and now there’s very little they could bring up if he gets the nomination.

Marco Rubio has been rising and the attacks have been coming, but there’s been something of a pause in the attacks. They’re starting to see that Trump might self-destruct after all, leaving Rubio as a very possible replacement. The deeper they dig, the more they realize that he might not possess Trump’s weaknesses but he’s a juicy candidate ripe for general election attacks nonetheless. The mainstream media jury is still out. Some are attacking. Others are waiting to see if he emerges before leveling their harshest attacks.

Now, it’s time for Ted Cruz. He’s rising and they fear him more than anyone. They see in him the anti-Obama – young, magna cum laude at Harvard Law, 1st term Senator, very idealistic. The attacks that are coming against Cruz will be their harshest and most persistent yet. They cannot allow him to run as the nominee so there’s a very good chance that he’ll be the target of their harshest criticism from now until either the nomination is secured or he drops out.

With Trump, they realize that he offers a wealth of potential attacks in the general election unlike any candidate they’ve ever seen. They’re saving their best attacks for when he gets the nomination, at which point they will destroy him. They aren’t scared of the Democrats beating him. They’ll make sure that happens. Their only fear is that a better GOP candidate might spoil their plans before they can be realized.

The only way to keep the mainstream media from manipulating the vote is if more people wake up to their liberal agenda.

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