McCain, Graham call for boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria

John McCain Lindsey Graham

The rise in influence of the Islamic State has many people on both sides of the American political aisle calling for more from the Obama administration. It’s almost universally accepted that the current status of our war on the Islamic State is feeble and not working, but the question remains about whether or not to put United States troops on the ground or to instead assist those in the Middle East who are already fighting them.

Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham (who is running a campaign for the GOP nominee for President) are calling for 20,000 troops to be sent to the Middle East to assist in taking down Daesh (the Arabic name for the Islamic State).

“The only way you can destroy the caliphate is with a ground component,” said Graham. “The aerial campaign is not turning the tide of battle.“

On that, we agree, but we do not believe that it needs to be US troops doing the fighting on the ground.

It’s the wrong move. It’s easy to feel hawkish in this political atmosphere, but it’s not necessary. There are already people on the ground who, with a great deal of United States support, can defeat the Islamic State. As we proposed last week, supplying the Kurdish Peshmerga is the right move.


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