The scariest thing about the California terrorists is that their ISIS allegiance was likely not prompted

Tashfeen Malik

After the horrific killings perpetrated by Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, speculation quickly began that they may have had associating with the Islamic State or other radical Islamic terrorist organizations. Today, we learn that at least the wife in the duo, Malik, declared her allegiance to the Islamic State via Facebook.

This is a terrifying prospect because it may indicate that neither were “recruited” in the traditional sense but may have been acting on their own to solicit assistance, acquire weapons, and plan their attacks. Also terrifying is what they found at the home of the terrorists. With enough ammunition to commit dozens of attacks and 12 pipe bombs already produced, there’s a good chance that they were planning for a streak of terrorist attacks rather than the single one they were able to perpetrate.

The fear of outside attacks is already harsh enough. It is something that requires diligence and a commitment to find those who would enter this country with the intention of doing harm and recruiting others to do the same. When the problem is internal with an American-born citizen and his wife, we have to wonder what influenced them to radicalize. Was Malik already radicalized in the Middle East before her husband brought her to America? Were the secretly contacted while in America and converted? Were they always harboring resentment and played the “American Dream” game long enough to prepare for their attacks?

Or, were the simply falling their heart with very little outside recruiting? Did they see the gains that the Islamic State has made on the news and decide on their own to be lone wolf terrorists without any direct prompting from the Islamic State? If this last scenario is the case, we have a bigger problem than most will acknowledge.

According to the NY Times, the evidence is pretty clear that this was premeditated based upon the flushing of their electronic footprint days before the attack and the fact that they dropped their child off with the grandmother before Farook went to the party the first time. This should end any perception that this was a spontaneous attack based upon a confrontation Farook had at the holiday party. What’s more likely is that he was checking the party for security and to make sure the right people were present for their attack.

We must be in a defensive posture as a country. We’re at war with an enemy that lurks in the shadows. If ever there was clear evidence that the Islamic State must be eradicated, this is it.

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