Wahhabism and the hidden connections between Saudi Arabia and radical Islamic terrorists

House of Saud

Those who have studied the ties between the United States and Saudi Arabia are likely very familiar with the Arab nation’s clear connection to terrorism to the point that they’ll object to the word “secret” being used in that context. The majority of Americans will say that they are our allies and that they’ve never heard of such a connection. Both would be right.

It’s not a secret. Saudi Arabia, through the tenets of Wahhabism, an extreme branch of Sunni Islam, has worked towards indoctrinating people around the world towards radical Islamic practices for decades. While they fight the Islamic State, al Qaeda, and other terrorist organizations on one hand, they supply them with everything they need (particularly recruits) with their other hand. This is not a theory. It has been very clearly documented.

Then again, it is somewhat of a secret. While the information is very public, US Presidents since Dwight D. Eisenhower have accepted them and even defended them for a very good reason that we’ll discuss below. This support has translated into a mainstream media that is unwilling to call out Saudi Arabia very often. It isn’t just based upon political pressure. Saudi money flows through American media more than any other form of currency. In essence, the Saudis own a large portion of the media. This, too, is not a secret, but when the people telling the story are the ones being controlled by the story’s subject, it’s easy to see why we don’t hear much about Saudi Arabia’s support for terrorism.

Wahhabism is so similar to the teachings that permeate through the Islamic State that one would have a challenging time finding differences. They both believe that Christians and Jews are the enemy. That may come as a surprise to those who believe that they are America’s and Israel’s ally, but try bringing a Bible into Saudi Arabia and you’ll soon realize that you’re not welcome. It doesn’t work in the other direction, though. While they will not allow any form of religion other than strict Sunni teachings in their country, they spend billions of dollars spreading their ideology around the world, particularly in the United States.

This is the problem with calls from politicians like Presidential candidate Marco Rubio for calling to assist Sunnis in the battle against the Islamic State. It’s far too inclusive, particularly when Wahhabism is a form of Sunni Islam that is allegedly fighting the Islamic State. The differences between the two doctrines are so thin that they are practically the same thing.

In case you’re not familiar with why this is being allowed and why the US government does nothing about it, it’s important to understand our standing in the world. Our economy is propped up to the point that it’s at for one reason and one reason only: the petrodollar. Saudi Arabia calls the shots for oil distribution around the world. They agreed decades ago to sell oil through the US dollar in exchange for permanent protection for the House of Saud. As long as the House of Saud is under the protection of the United States, the dollar will be the world’s oil currency and visa versa. This has become a tenuous relationship of late based upon the rise of China, Russia, and the BRICS nations, but that’s another story altogether.

Below is a video that touches on these problems.

The United States is in a catch-22 of being forced to support a country that is at the core of radical Islamic terrorism. At some point, we must be willing to stand on our own and not be held under the thumb of the House of Saud.

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