Ted Cruz is more reassuring in 30-seconds than President Obama’s entire 14-minute pep talk

Ted Cruz Islamic State

There’s conflict within the President. That much was made very clear in his address to the nation Sunday night as he attempted to alleviate fears and warn Americans about the proper way to act in the face of the San Bernardino terrorist attack. On one hand, he wants to change his tune to act tough towards the Islamic State that speaks to a sharp contrast with his actions to try to defeat the “JV” team. On the other hand, he seems more concerned about cultural unity than defense of the country.

Ted Cruz, on the other hand, makes it very clear what he would do as President. Without making an outright endorsement, I can say that his thirty-second ad was much more telling and exponentially more reassuring to Americans who are concerned about radicalized Islamic extremists within our borders who intend to kill us.

There is a real need to do something and the President’s speech fell far short of portraying that. He did, however, declare that Americans need to behave themselves properly. Seriously.

Now, let’s look at what Cruz has to say about the Islamic State problem.

The country needs a change. Most Americans realize this. The hope is that the damage can be mitigated until a better President makes it into office.

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