How to address the gun ban journalists

Ban All Guns

There was a deep and angry response brewing in me when I first read the headline, “It’s Time to Ban Guns. Yes, All of The.” Thankfully, I read the article and calmed down a few notches. What I assumed was going to be a heartfelt and progressively reasoned argument against guns as a whole in America turned out to be an embarrassingly bad attempt at political reasoning.

The premise is this: all guns are bad and nobody should have them. They only reason that nobody’s considering banning all guns, according to the author, is that people are too moderate or realistic to express their actual views. I can actually buy into that argument. I believe that there really is a large number of Americans who would love if all guns went away, even those owned by the police. This is utterly ludicrous, of course, but not just because of the logistical nightmare and the second American revolution that would result.

It’s ludicrous because, as per usual from the far-left mindset, people are not capable of making their own choices and the government must step in to protect us from ourselves. The idea that legal gun ownership as a final recourse against crime and/or oppressive government entities is insufficient according to the far left. We shouldn’t enforce current gun laws or assist the mentally ill (who would be marginalized as a result, the author claims). We should just ban them all.

By this logic, there are many other things that we should ban. Cigarettes are the easy one. After all, they’re responsible for millions of unnecessary deaths every year. Let’s ban alcohol as well. There’s nothing good that can come from a liver-destroying, road-endangering substance that impairs our motor skills and decision-making abilities. While we’re on the topic of drunk drivers, we should ban cars. Even when people aren’t drunk, they’re behind the wheel of a moving lethal weapon. Cars kill. Ban them.

The article calls for the same type of anti-law support that opposition to Roe v. Wade brings to mind. The anti-abortion people don’t worry about the Supreme Court ruling on abortion. In fact, they openly fight it. Why can’t gun banners fight against the 2nd Amendment with the same fervor and lust for justice?

At the end of the day, this particular article does little to contribute to the gun rights/control debate. It doesn’t offer solutions other than calling on people to protest gun usage of any sorts. The author tries to encourage people to head towards the impossible dream of ridding America of all guns of every type.

Normally, I don’t recommend reading an article that spouts off far-left ideologies, but this one is worth it for a great laugh.

If the goal of taking away all guns, even from the police, were ever to become a reality (which it could not), then the first sword-wielding, pipe-bomb-carrying terrorist gang that takes on police armed with batons only will likely look back at that article and smile.

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