Motorcycles you will love for 2016

Suzuki SV650

Is 2016 going to be the year you buy a new motorcycle?  Do you want to put on a helmet and head out on the open road with only two wheels carrying you down the road?  If so you should know what the best motorcycles on the market will be and how much they will cost you.  Whether you want a new motorcycle for the thrill of the ride or for the savings in gas you can enjoy from the smaller engine as you commute to work each day this is a list of motorcycles that is sure to inspire you.

Suzuki SV650 – With a change from the SFV650 to change out more than 140 parts this new model is a throwback to the 1999 model.  This has been one of the most beloved bikes on the market for many years.  With the horsepower that reaches near 75 and a price of $7,900 you can’t go wrong with a bike that allows you the balance and feel of the SV650.  With a name like Suzuki you can certainly understand the attraction to this amazing motorcycle.

Indian Scout Sixty – For those of us who thought the Indian brand was gone forever this bike brings back the look and feel of an original with the build and design that made them popular and highly collectible.  The Scout is a huge part of the revival by Polaris for the Indian brand and the Scout Sixty offers you a 60 cubic-inch engine and brings you a price of $8,999 but you can have a larger one with more power for a few thousand more.

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 – This is a beautiful bike that appears to be a dirt rider mixed with a street racer to bring about a great balance of power and performance.  With a base price of $7,995 the Sixty2 offers a strong engine and 41 horsepower compared to the larger, more expensive model.  At a low weight of only 400 pounds this bike is a lot of fun and will be a great way to learn how to ride if you are a fairly inexperienced rider.

Kawasaki Z800 – This midsized street bike is fantastic for those looking for the comfort of an upright ride but the sportiness to take off and lean in when desired.  The Z800 offers an 806cc inline four-cylinder engine to give you the power you want that is close to that of many cars on the road. As the bike that is meant to take on the Yamaha award winner from last year the Z800 offers a base price of $8,399 for you to enjoy the ride.

Triumph Bonneville Street Twin – This is a classic British machine that looks great and offers a style that brings back memories of bikes from the base.  The massive 900cc engine is ready to give you the power you need to have a great ride and the seating position is perfect for the comfort of a cross country tour.  The Street Twin offers you a great price of $8,700 and starts out as one of the most basic of the Bonneville lineup, but it’s certainly a bike you will enjoy.

Yamaha SR-400 – When you want a bike that really is a throwback to an older generation this is the bike to choose.  The SR-400 originally debuted in the 1970s and has been virtually the same bike ever since.  Enjoying power from the 400cc engine this is a classic machine that is of a timeless style and build to be the perfect bike for you to ride and show off to your friends and neighbors.  At the price of $5,990 you can’t pass this bike up.

KTM Duke 390 – Agility meets comfort with this gorgeous bike that rides using a 373cc engine and only weighs in at 300 pounds.  This is the perfect bike for a winding road on a mountain pass or canyon run to offer you the fun of riding in a way that it was really made to be.  You want to enjoy a ride along the weekend cruising route and at the price of $4,990 this is well worth the fun of the ride and an investment into your excitement on the road.

Star Bolt C-Spec – Built much like the Sportster from Harley-Davidson the Star Bolt is an amazing cruiser that is made for the cross country tours that you want to complete.  You can see more of the country on this beautiful bike that is powered by a 942 cc V-twin engine that gives the bike plenty of power.  You will love the comfort this bike offers as you ride along any road and know you only had to pay $8,690 to purchase this bike.

Honda CBR300R – At the base price of $4,719 this is a tough little street bike that also plays well on the dirt.  Using a 286cc engine and weighing in at only 357 pounds this dynamic little beauty is perfect for any rode and is a great way for a new rider to learn how to ride on a beautiful bike that offers a fantastic feel and ride.  You can gain the confidence you want for your motorcycle experience from this little beauty and have plenty of excitement along the way.

Harley-Davidson Softail Slim – The list would not be complete without at least one Harley on it and the Softail Slim makes a great choice with its smooth lines and amazing features.  As on the least expensive in the Harley lineup this bike will cost you $14,899, but the ride and the feel of this massive beast is well worth the cost.  At 700 pounds and an engine that measures a full 103 cubic inches this is a bike that will get you noticed and let you fully enjoy the ride.

With this list of awesome motorcycles to choose from for the new year this could be your year to take off and enjoy the ride across the country or just around your area to give you a great way to unwind.

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