To @RickSantorum: If you love America and support the Republican party, please drop out now

Rick Santorum 2016

The majority of Americans would hate to hit the Presidential campaign trail. It’s grueling, unforgiving, and has many more downs than ups even for those leading in the polls. Then, there are a handful of special people who simply love campaigning. They love the attention they get and they enjoy hearing themselves speaking in front of other people regardless of how small the crowd is. One of those people is Rick Santorum.

As someone who voted for Santorum during the 2012 primary season, it’s difficult for me to call for him to drop out of the GOP race. I like him. He has some good policy recommendations and he’s not a terrible speaker. However, his opportunity was 2012. Right now, he’s simply getting in the way and hurting the Republican party (and therefore the country) by continuing to attack those who actually have a chance at the nomination.

A mere 1783 Iowans voted for him in the Iowa caucus this week. That puts him at the very bottom of a race with many people vying for the bottom spot. It puts him at just over half of the votes that Mike Huckabee received. Huckabee dropped out early on caucus night.

There is no illusion even in the Santorum camp that he has a chance of winning. This isn’t about 2016. This is a continuation of the 2012 campaign that ended in failure but that never really ended in Santorum’s mind. He feels as if he was so close back then and if he tries a little harder he can change the past. That’s the only reason he’s still in, other than the clear message he’s sending that he simply loves the attention he gets on the campaign trail.

Mr. Santorum, we appreciate that you love campaigning, but please think of your family. Think of your health. Think of the damage you’re doing to the Republican party. Think of how you’re hurting America. Iowa was your last chance at relevance in this election. Please stop being selfish and inflating your ego to┬áthe detriment of pretty much everyone else. Drop out immediately.

When his own precinct captain is unable to vote for him, we know it’s time to call it quits. When will Santorum come to the same conclusion?

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