The 2 biggest problems with Rubio’s Gang of Eight

Marco Rubio Amnesty Gang of Eight

Much has been said about Marco Rubio’s support of amnesty, but there are two things that should concern every Republican about his Gang of Eight bill that have nothing to do with illegal immigration. In fact, these character flaws should have Republicans searching far and wide for any candidate other than Rubio.

The first is the set of absolute lies that led up to the bill itself. He was supported by the Tea Party because he promised not to support amnesty. He received his first major publicity by appearing on the Mark Levin Show where he declared in no uncertain terms that he would never support amnesty. Just last night on the show, Levin lamented his interview that helped launch Rubio’s national career. At the time, Rubio was at 5% in the polls and by swearing to never support amnesty, he was able to win his seat. A year later, he was not just supporting amnesty. He was sponsoring the bill that would have destroyed the country. He pushed it. He promoted it. He was the face of it. He was the Gang of Eight’s secret weapon.

The second and more concerning aspect was how easily he was manipulated by the Democrats. Democrat Chuck Schumer owned him. Liberal Republican John McCain steered him along from beginning to end. Rubio followed along like a puppy who had no ability to do anything other than follow the leader.

This was three years ago. In other words, the man that wants to be the President of the United States didn’t possess the abilities to discern what was happening or take charge of the situation. He’s a puppet. That’s not the type of leader we need in the White House.

He’s had time to correct the issue. During that time, he’s done nothing. Among all of the Presidential candidates, he is the only one has fewer accomplishments than Hillary Clinton. He hasn’t had a single major success in his entire political career other than being a very good talker.

Rubio will likely be a very strong candidate in 4-8 years, but his recent history shows nothing other than potential. We can’t have a President today that needs leadership coaching. We can’t have a President that is so easily manipulated. Rubio hasn’t developed his core. Not yet.

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