‘Rubio the politician’ has always betrayed ‘Rubio the campaigner’

Marco Rubio Principles

In 2010, Marco Rubio earned the support of the Tea Party and conservative personalities like Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh by swearing to never support amnesty for illegal immigrants. After the election, he didn’t just break his promise in less than a year. He demonstrated that he’s extremely easy to manipulate when political expediency is dangled before him.

Donald Trump often takes flack for his ever-changing views, but at least he’s honest about it all. With Rubio, we have someone who betrayed the conservative principles that got him elected and denied the importance of these changes. This more than anything else should send up warning bells to anyone considering voting for him as the Republican party’s nominee. It paints him in a light that makes him vulnerable to attacks by the Democrats.

With a Trump nomination, the Democrats will attack his personality. With a Ted Cruz nomination, they’ll attack his ideology. Those are both defensible positions. Rubio will be attacked for not having a strong core to his beliefs and a willingness to bend in the face of pressure or incentive. Whether it’s John McCain and Chuck Schumer manipulating him to abandon the very promise that got him elected, the financial support that has made him beholden to Big Sugar for years, or the shifting back and forth from evangelical conservative to pragmatic moderate depending on who he’s talking to, Rubio has shown that his leadership doesn’t align with anything he says while campaigning.

Many Republican voters are falling into the “electability trap.” Rather than supporting the candidate that can defend his own perspectives while attacking the Democrats’ perspective, they tend to look for the candidate who seems to be most acceptable to Independents. This is why we had people like Bob Dole, McCain, and Mitt Romney as nominees. Rubio will be worse than any of them because his lack of core and his willingness to annihilate campaign promises makes him the most vulnerable.

On the surface, he’s the most electable. However, if Republican voters look at things from a devious Democratic strategy perspective, it’s clear that he would be one of the easiest to destroy.

In 2012, Republicans had a vulnerability to exploit in President Obama. The rise of Obamacare represented an issue that could have pulled Independents over to the Republican candidate. Unfortunately, we didn’t give them an appropriate contrast to Obamacare. We gave them the architect of Romneycare, so the contrast was lost.

Remember, one of Hillary Clinton’s most vulnerable aspects is that her campaign promises aren’t trustworthy. Why would Republicans want to nominate the one candidate who has the same problem, one that’s magnified by his most publicized action as a Senator with the Gang of Eight betrayal. He broke his most important campaign promise within a year of entering office. The Democrats will exploit this to prevent Republicans from attacking Clinton’s weakest character trait.

In a general election, Trump’s bombast or Cruz’s principles will stand in contrast to the Democrats. Rubio’s willingness to abandon his values for political expediency will make him seem as slimy as Hillary Clinton. There will be no contrast and she will win the White House.

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