Dispelling the fiction that the Democrats fear Donald Trump

Donald Trump Media

Here’s a sad truth about American politics: if you want to see who the left really hates and fears, all you have to do is check mainstream media. Their puppeteers at the DNC and the moderate Republican Establishment tell them exactly who they want helped and who they want destroyed.

Perhaps the easiest place to see this in full form is to do searches for the candidates by name on Google News. The system is allegedly operated solely by algorithm and scans the most popular mainstream and semi-fringe news sites on the internet. Then, it orders the stories based on prominence, time decay, and clicks. It sounds pretty simple, but it’s actually a very sound system, assuming you’re not a conspiracy theorist who believes that Google News is manually edited for political reasons. Either way, it tells us where the narratives are being steered.

The general consensus among Donald Trump’s supporters is that the Democrats and therefore their mainstream media lapdogs are fearful of him. This is actually the exact opposite of reality. Mainstream media, through their own biases as well as the guidance they’re given by the power brokers, are giving Donald Trump a free pass on nearly everything. They’ll report the news, of course, but their general spin is neutral. As strange as it sounds, neutral is good in politics. An unbiased report that doesn’t go into the positives or negatives associated with a piece of news allows the readers or viewers to make their own assessment. This favors Trump.

What you won’t find are mainstream media talking heads bashing Trump. Before anyone starts to make the ignorant argument that Fox News is against him, look at what actually transpired without listening to Trump’s spin on it. The initial question that Megyn Kelly asked him at the first Fox News debate wasn’t unfair at all. It was very legitimate to ask him about his misogynistic history and he would address it with the Democrats if he’s the nominee since at the time it appeared that Hillary Clinton was the most likely Democratic candidate. PLEASE rewatch the question itself. If you’re discerning, you’ll realize that it was far from being in the same realm as “unfair” or off limits in a Presidential debate. If you watch it and think that it’s unfair, you clearly want your President to be someone who needs to be protected from the harshness of the world. If he can’t take Megyn Kelly, how in the world will he handle┬áRecep Tayyip Erdo─čan or Vladimir Putin?

Now, let’s take a look at Google News from today. Here’s an unedited snippet of the stories found with a search for “Donald Trump”:

Donald Trump News

Pretty neutral. All of it seems to be newsworthy. There are a few inflammatory headlines, but the stories themselves turn out to be relatively Trump-neutral or even Trump-supportive.

Now, let’s compare that to Democrat Bernie Sanders:

Bernie Sanders News

Once again, some good, some bad, mostly neutral. When you look at almost all of these stories, even some of the Sanders-negative stories have positive spins to them.

So far, so good. Pretty consistent, right? It gets weird from here. Let’s look at Ted Cruz, this time with convenient notes so you can see the difference.

Ted Cruz News

I didn’t notate the last four because it would have been too many lines to maintain sanity. As you can see, the DNC and the Republican Establishment that guide the headlines and narratives of mainstream media have an extreme hatred towards Ted Cruz. One cannot look at this and have an ounce of reasonable doubt that they are in the midst of a concerted effort to remove him from his perch as one of the two Republican frontrunners.

It’s utterly blatant. They don’t attempt to disguise their viciousness towards him. Read those headlines, compare them to Trump’s, and ask yourself who the Democrats REALLY fear.

In case you think that it’s a case of the media just having anti-DC sentiment, let’s look at Mr. Establishment himself, Jeb Bush.

Jeb Bush News

Clearly, it’s more negative than the news for Trump or Kasich, but it’s not personal. It’s mocking, but it’s not a visceral series of attacks like they offer for Cruz.

If the liberal mainstream media wanted to take down Trump, they would roll out investigative reports and interviews with women, minorities, former business partners, and others who would paint Trump as evil. They won’t… until he gets the nomination. If that happens, they will unleash hell and put another Democrat in the White House.

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