Every aspect of this Trump attack ad is bad except for one moment

Jeb Bush Campaign Failures

When Jeb Bush finally suspends his campaign, much will be made about how much money he and his super PACs spent on ads. The pundits will blame him, Donald Trump, or a combination of the two, but it seems more likely that his message simply didn’t resonate based upon the poor quality of his ads. The last attack ad on Trump is no different, but there was a notable plus.

In 30-seconds, they attempted to rip on Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio for not attacking Trump. They also tried to highlight¬†that Bush is the only one standing up to him. ¬†In all of this, they attempt to squeeze in Trump’s friendly history with the Clintons, his attacks on women, his insults of the disabled, and the comments he made about John McCain. As you can see, they tried to squeeze way too much into a 30-second ad which made the message a lost one as usually. Even an important fact, that Trump had 4 draft deferments, was only given less than a second screen time.

While they didn’t completely redeem themselves at the end, they did a very good job in that direction. Notice how they took footage from the ABC News debate entrance debacle. Trump and Ben Carson were standing there waiting for their names that had already been called while Bush strides past them and jabs Trump in the arm as he passes. This is literally the best optics the campaign has had. In one brief moment, Bush looked Presidential and was symbolically passing the frontrunner in stride. It was beautiful.

If they want to make a real campaign ad that would work (though it’s too late) they should roll that footage over and over again between shots of Bush doing good things alternating with Trump doing bad things. It would be wonderful. It would finally be a Jeb! moment.

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