Despite calls to drop out, Carson staying in to win South Carolina

Ben Carson Should Drop Out

Let’s announce the breaking news now: Ben Carson isn’t winning South Carolina. It would be news if he can somehow climb out from the bottom and beat John Kasich who is putting absolutely zero effort into the state. Why, then, is Carson staying in?

One theory is that he is setting himself up for a meaningful post-campaign life. He has a list. It’s a great list. In fact, it’s a golden list that he can use to promote himself, his organization, or he can rent the list out and make tons of money. This might sound like a devious reason for staying in, but call it payback for all of the abuse that he’s received since hitting the campaign trail.

There’s another theory that he simply doesn’t know when to call it quits. He had his shining moment at the top of the board for a few days before being unceremoniously chopped down by Donald Trump and mainstream media. Perhaps he believes he can regain that glory.

As Bustle pointed out, his debate performance was the nail in the coffin.

I like Ben Carson a lot. I just don’t think this Presidential campaigning thing is for him. Perhaps he’ll end up as Surgeon General.

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