3 reasons that a vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump is Hillary Clinton

Don’t worry. This won’t be one of those conspiracy theories that says Donald Trump only got into the race at the behest of the Clintons to clear a path for Hillary to win the White House. This will be a concise explanation about the dynamics of the Presidential race to demonstrate why Trump is incapable of beating Clinton in the general election.

If you’re a Trump fan, your blood is already boiling over. Go ahead and start writing your hateful comment now without reading further. To those who are discerning and who truly care for more than a great sales pitch from Trump, read on.

The Media has been Saving Ammunition

Depending on who you ask, the left-wing mainstream media either loves or hates Trump. Right now, they’re giving him all of the attention and despite a handful of occasional hit pieces, he’s been given a free pass by the media. In fact, the vast majority of the hit pieces have come from conservative journalists (this should tell us something about Trump’s alleged road-to-Damascus transition from liberalism to conservatism).

It’s not that the media doesn’t have ammunition. It’s not that they are saving it until he has the nomination. The last thing they would want to do is to prevent him from getting the nomination. Their ammunition is being saved for the general election when they will unleash journalistic hell and utterly destroy his campaign. They will attack him as a crooked crony capitalist with in-depth investigative reports showing the deviousness that has plagued his business dealings throughout his career. They will attack him as a person with acquaintances lined up around the corner to tell their tale of Trump’s evils. They’ll interview women and families that he’s hurt with his sexual escapades. They’ll interview minorities who were mistreated by him or his organizations. They’ll interview business partners who were the victims of his past business failures (of which, there are literally dozens). The carnage will be widespread and the result will be a picture painted of a man that deserves to be despised more than deserving of being the President of the United States.

The Debate Questions will Make Megyn Kelly’s Question Seem Like a Softball

There’s nothing an interviewer or debate moderator enjoys more than catching a candidate with a “gotcha” question. Before and during the primaries, it’s been clear that very few have wanted to truly tangle with Trump or demonstrate his complete incompetence when it comes to the geopolitical spectrum. In the debate when Hugh Hewitt asked about which wing of the nuclear triad Trump would prioritize, he laid out the triad in the question itself in hopes that Trump would catch on. He completely missed the lobbed softball that Hewitt tossed at him and failed to answer the question at all. When Hewitt pressed for an answer to the very basic question, Trump sounded like an utter moron. Here’s the question. Notice that Hewitt mentions all three components of the triad; this wasn’t a gotcha question.

This type of question exposed Trumps complete lack of understanding about the most important job that the Commander-in-Chief has. It was worded in a way that should have been a gimme. Instead, he failed miserably. As Rolling Stone put it, his answer should have ended his campaign, but it didn’t.

When debating Hillary Clinton, Trump will be made to look like a child. When faced with questions at GOP debates that challenged him, he got away with diversion techniques. The moderators during general election debates will not be so forgiving. They will annihilate him. They will make him wish Megyn Kelly was asking her question (which, by the way, wasn’t very challenging at all despite his tantrum over it).

In the general election, debate performances matter much more than they do during the nomination process. Mitt Romney actually pulled ahead of President Obama after their first debate based upon the President’s poor showing. Trump will look like a fool in every debate because he has no idea how to answer actual policy questions.

His Appeal is Capped

There are likely enough Republicans who are willing to support him no matter what that he’ll be able to win the nomination. Then, there are a lot of people who fear a Clinton Presidency to the point that they’ll still vote for him even if he’s not their favorite. Unfortunately, the “lesser of two evils” campaign will not be able to convince enough Democrats and Independents that he’s the right choice to lead the country.

He has strong support from about 1/4th of the Republican party and lukewarm support from another 1/4th of the party.¬†Pretty much everyone else doesn’t like him at all. This is why his net favorability is lower than any nominee since before Jimmy Carter. It’s not even close. He’s less liked than even Clinton and is the only Republican candidate that polls show her being able to beat. He’s only beaten her in 2 of the last 18 national polls.

Trump vs Clinton

His fans are all in. Unfortunately, they only represent about 15% of the electorate.

If Trump isn’t stopped, we will have at least four more years of a Democrat in the White House. He has the best chance of winning the GOP nomination and by far the worst chance of winning the general election. The media knows this. The Democrats know this. Will the Republicans wake up before it’s too late?

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