Trump’s latest lie: He was ALL IN for invading Libya and taking out Qaddafi [VIDEO]

Donald Trump Libya

After six decades of shifting political views based upon whatever suits him at the time, Donald Trump’s confusion over his own perspectives on issues is really starting to show. Whether it’s a flip-flop, a lie, or just a senior moment, it’s clear that his adamant opposition to intervention in Libya today is not how he felt during the time period in question.

Buzzfeed has discovered one of Trump’s videos where he’s promoting the invasion of Libya. It’s a standard Trump strategy of go in, kill the bad guys, take the oil. This is contrary to what he said during the last GOP debate when he said that he wasn’t in favor of going into Libya and that he never discussed the subject. Not only did he discuss it, but he said the exact opposite of what he’s saying now.

Here’s where it gets strange. I’m going to put it in bullet format so readers can keep it all straight.

  • Today, he says that we shouldn’t have gone into Libya to overthrow Qaddafi.
  • Today, he says we’d be better off if we sat on a beach and did nothing.
  • The reality is that we didn’t invade Libya. In essence, we did what he says we should have done.
  • This is in conflict with what he said in 2011 when it was all going down. Back then, he chastised the government for not going into Libya.

If that’s confusing, here it is broken down into a Tweet:

Okay, if that didn’t help, here are the videos. The first is a comparison of what he said at the debate and what he said when everything was happening. Then, there’s one of his other videos where he condemns the US government for not going in to take the oil. In essence, he wanted us to go in but we didn’t in 2011. Now, he’s angry about us going in when we didn’t. It’s as if he’s mad today about what he thought we should have done back then, but didn’t.

Only Trump can get away with chastising his own recommendations and somehow spinning it as if he’s not a complete cluster. If there’s a chance for someone to come in and make Obama’s disastrous Presidency actually look decent, it will be Trump.

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