Spin machine hits overdrive with ‘good news’ that Rubio only losing by 7 in his home state

Marco Rubio Losing Florida

The people of Florida know Marco Rubio the best and less than 1 in 4 Republicans are voting for him there. That’s the bad news. The good news from the Rubio camp is that a different poll shows him down by a mere 7%. Yes, he’s down. 7%. In Florida.

Again, that’s the good news. The bad news is that a more recent poll shows him down by 16% with Ted Cruz catching up. In Florida. His home state. The one that was supposed to be his first victory. If it slips away (and it would take a miracle for it not to slip away), then Marco Rubio, the Republican Establishment darling who is racking up endorsements from political insiders across the country, could finish the first two months of the nomination process without a single victory.

At this pace, his goal of a brokered convention won’t even be achievable since Trump or Cruz will likely have enough delegates to win outright.

Meanwhile, the Establishment’s mainstream media puppets at Fox News and the Wall Street Journal are doing everything they can to spin this in his favor. They were granted a glorious pre-weekend distraction after Rubio clobbered frontrunner Donald Trump during the CNN GOP Debate in Houston. He scored some major points, but as most analysts are pointing out, it’s probably too little too late to earn him an actual victory in any of the “SEC Primary” states coming up on Tuesday.

Here are some of the defensive Tweets coming from the campaign and their advisers:

His campaign, the Republican Establishment, and Fox News can spin it any way they want, but the spin doesn’t negate the fact that when Rubio loses his home state, he cannot be allowed to be the nominee. The Democrats will eat him alive over it.

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