Being angry is not a license for voters to be stupid

Donald Trump Stupid

You’re sick of broken campaign promises. So am I. You can’t stand what politicians have been doing to this country for years. Neither can I. You want someone to get in there, shake things up, and make some real changes that will put politicians in both parties on notice. I couldn’t agree more. You’re voting for Donald Trump. I have to shake my head in disgust.

Those things that you’re feeling – anger, disenchantment, and a desire for change – are all righteous feelings coming from an electorate that has been screwed over time and time again, particularly over the last two decades. The problem is that Donald Trump represents a continuation of those practices. Donald Trump is one of the reasons we’ve had corruption, massive spending, and ineffective solutions since 1989. Donald Trump is not a change agent. Donald Trump is the status quo in every area that actually makes a difference.

He’s going to build a wall and halt Muslims from entering the country. That’s fine. Two ideas that are unlikely to ever happen do not make for a good President. We need real changes in Washington DC, the types of changes that have meaningful impact. We don’t need to replace Obamacare with a different variation of government-supplied universal healthcare. We need it removed altogether and handed back to the private sector with changes made to enable the poorest to be properly treated. We don’t need “fair trade” and tariffs that will raise prices on most products and reduce revenue for the majority of businesses that serve an international audience. We need better free trade enabling policies that encourage businesses to keep jobs in America rather than punish those who cannot. We need a plan of action to take on the Islamic State, not bravado during stump speeches and kowtowing to the Russians.

We need someone who will stand by Israel unashamedly, not someone who views the Palestinians on equal ground with our strongest Democratic ally in the Middle East. We need someone who will grow the economy through flat taxation and reduction of government spending, not a progressive tax plan that is somehow supposed to keep the country funded while also increasing expenditures greatly. We need someone who will fight Planned Parenthood, not make excuses for them.

There are many really bad ideas coming from Trump’s mouth lately that greatly outweigh his good proposal on immigration. The President of the United States is arguably the most important job in the world. The next President must be able to immediately address extremely pressing issues on day one, not someone who needs major on-the-job training just so he can understand the three legs of the nuclear triad. He has one good selling point. Everything else is either ludicrous or unattainable. We need someone with more than one or two good traits. Nominating Trump is like hiring an NFL head coach because he has a couple of┬átrick plays that he wants to run. Everything that Trump proposes other than immigration would be disastrous for this nation.

Voters are making a statement that they want change, but they’re falling for a different variation of the same sales pitch we’ve heard for the last two elections. Outside of immigration, Donald Trump’s policies are more aligned with Barack Obama’s than with Ronald Reagan’s. He’s a failure in the making and we have nothing to blame but our own gullibility.

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