No, Mr. Trump, you can’t run on a policy of nuclear proliferation

Donald Trump Nuclear Proliferation

Half the time, I have to scratch my head and wonder if Donald Trump actually knows what he’s saying. The other half of the time I assume that I’m just having a long nightmare. The idea that Trump could be the nominee after saying that he wants Japan and South Korea to arm themselves with nuclear weapons is often too hard to believe.

That’s the GOP frontrunner. He told Anderson Cooper at the CNN town hall that we’re being treated unfairly (isn’t that what he says about everything?) and that they need to either pay us or we’re going to leave them vulnerable to a nuclear North Korea. He even recommended that they should build their own nuclear weapons. Is this real life? Did I just return from the dentist? Or is this all really happening and the possible Republican nominee wants more countries to possess nuclear weapons?

If you support Donald Trump, please stop. If you ARE Donald Trump, definitely stop. You’re making a fool out of the country before you’re even in office. This is getting embarrassing.

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