Volkswagen Diesel Owners Should Consider Shopping Now

Now that it feels we may be on the home stretch of the diesel scandal by Volkswagen and owners are being offered a buyback or repair of their vehicle, current owners should consider shopping for their new car now.  Why should owners consider a new car over just having the current car fixed and being allowed to pocket $5,000 in settlement money?  With the fix installed the fuel economy and performance of the cars will likely drop considerably.  Keep in mind the cheating was done to protect the diesel engine over a long period of time and adding a device that will now reduce the pollutants put into the atmosphere can harm the engine and alter the performance.

Those who opt instead for the buyback of their vehicle will receive more than a fair price as Volkswagen has agreed to use the value of the vehicles prior to the scandal.  Owners have a few options when it comes to the buyback.  They may opt to buy a vehicle with similar features and mileage, they can buy a newer version of their old car or they can upgrade to something better.  Using an average buyback price from the largest sales volume year, 2012, here are some choices you may want to consider as we get ready for this to finally come to a close.  (Note: only the 2.0-liter diesel is being discussed thus far because we don’t have any news as to what is happening with the V6 models; buyback prices are only estimates, not actual values)

VW Jetta TDI – Buyback price $12,376 (2016 Jetta starts at $18,500)

Toyota Corolla – The Toyota Corolla is a similar car to the Jetta and offers you a starting price of $18,135.  This is a great choice if you have decided you are done with diesel and want to have a car that gives you good space and a reliable way to ride.  This is the car that more trust for their daily commute than any other.

Acura ILX – This is a great way to consider an upgrade over the Jetta you sold back.  These cars are built to last and the ILX shows up at a starting price of $28,930 to give you an affordable luxury car that you will already have nearly halfway paid for.  With the styling and luxury features, you will love this is a great replacement for your Jetta.

Honda Civic 2.0 L – Starting at $20,275 and offering you a fuel mileage of 31 city/41 hwy mpg this is the car that gives you a similar MPG to the car you had.  This car does have a CVT paired to the engine, but if you want a car that offers you the same mileage as before and comes at a reasonable price this is the one.

VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI – Buyback price $14,556 (2016 Golf Sportwagen starts at $22,445)

Mazda CX-5This is the similar vehicle to the Jetta Sportwagen you had and actually comes in at a larger size.  As a crossover SUV, you can choose to have AWD on this vehicle as well and its offered with several engine choices.  Starting at $22,695, this is a great choice when you want something similar to what you had.

Volvo V60/BMW 3-Series Wagon – No doubt these are upgrades, but they are also excellent wagons from two of the most impressive luxury car makers in the world.  The Volvo starts at $37,090 and the BMW begins at $43,645, which means you will still have a payment to deal with, but these are two attractive choices to replace your Jetta.

Toyota Prius V – The Prius V offers you a similar MPG to your old Jetta Sportwagen at 42 mph.  There is also a ton of cargo space so you won’t feel cheated out of having a wagon.  With a starting price of $27,510 and the hybrid powertrain, you might even find the Prius to be a car you enjoy driving even more than your old Jetta.

VW Golf TDI – Buyback price $14,496 (2016 Golf five-door starts at $20,995)

Mazda3 Hatch – When you move from the Golf to another car you want to have a car that is also fun to drive and gives you the flexibility of a hatchback.  The Mazda3 Hatch starts at $19,665 and is one of the most similar cars to the Golf TDI that you can have a fun drive, great technology and an interior that is better than expected.

Lexus CT200hWhile there aren’t very many hatchback luxury cars on the market, this is one that you can have as an upgrade and enjoy the hybrid powertrain that delivers 42 mpg.  This cart starts at $32,200 which is affordable for a luxury car and has some excellent features for you to enjoy and admire.

Toyota Prius – When you want the same MPG you enjoyed with your Golf TDI you do have to look to the Prius.  This car starts at $25,035 and gives you a combined 52 mpg.  The Prius has been upgraded to handle better so you just might feel like you have taken a step up in this car over your old Golf TDI that you sold back.

VW Passat TDI – Buyback price $13,665 (2016 Passat starts at $23,260)

Mazda6 – This is a similar vehicle that in some ways looks better than the Passat has ever looked.  With a starting price of $22,315 this car comes with a good engine and excellent driving dynamics to make it one of the best cars in its class.  You will love the premium feel of this car and may not even miss your Passat.

BMW 328d – If you want to stay diesel and have an upgrade this is the way to go.  You will pay $40,845 to start with for this car, but nothing can drive like the BMW 3-Series and with this model, you enjoy the fuel mileage of a diesel and the driving dynamics that make BMW have such a strong name in the industry.

Toyota Camry Hybrid – This is one way to have the same MPG and have a car that is similar in size to what you had before.  With a starting price of $27,625 and a fuel mileage of 41 mpg this is a car that could replace your Passat and give you the reliability and space of one of the most popular cars on the market today.

VW Touareg TDI – Buyback price $28,270 (2016 Touareg starts at $43,615)

Nissan Murano – The Murano is one of the most popular SUVs on the market and offers similar features with the attractive style that has made it the choice more buyers have enjoyed.  The starting price of this SUV is $30,560 so you won’t have to pay a lot extra to have this SUV cleared and fully owned.

Mercedes-Benz GLE 300d – As a great diesel upgrade from you Touareg this is an SUV you will enjoy driving that has the power and torque you need and a towing capacity to haul 6,600 pounds.  The starting price of $53,425 makes it affordable after your buyback and allows you to have a wonderful luxury SUV to drive.

Ford Edge – The Ford Edge can be the SIV that offers you a similar fuel rating to what you had before as this SUV offers 20 city/30 hwy mpg for the FWD models and 20 city/28 hwy mpg on the AWD models.  With a starting price of $29,595 this SUV is extremely affordable and gives you the fuel mileage you need.

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