What is Beepi?

There are certain things that you’re safe to buy online; most shoes, electronics, and even food.  Then there’s the extensive list of things you’re not supposed to buy online, such as a new couch, jeans, makeup, mattresses, and most definitely not, a pre-owned car.  We don’t buy couches because they look comfortable, we buy them because they feel nice and we could imagine sitting on them.  No two pairs of jeans fit the same way, so buying them online is a dangerous idea.  However, the top retail sites in the world say that people are buying the things they’re not supposed to, from the convenience of their own home, and new internet site Beepi has included pre-owned cars.

Buying and Selling Used Cars

The idea of purchasing a car makes most people break out into a cold sweat; it’s not a pleasant experience.  It usually ends up costing a lot more than we intended and six months later, we want the next best thing because our car doesn’t have one specific special feature that our sister’s car has.  Some people remain dedicated to the brand new car agenda, while others won’t purchase a car if it doesn’t have some history.  But how much history is too much?  This is where buying a pre-owned car can get tricky, because it’s all a matter of trust.  Beepi is looking to simplify this process, and make it less about where the car has been, and more about where it’s going.

Beepi had to sound like a crazy idea when the business plan was first pitched; a peer to peer website where the inventory is pre-owned cars and the sellers don’t go through the hassle of vetting their buyers?  It sounds like a fantasy land to anyone who has ever tried to sell, or buy, a pre-owned car from another human being.  Sure a dealership is going to be able to make all the promises that we need to hear, but they’re also going to put us through the rigmarole of buying a pre-owned car, and we’re probably going to pay more.

Private Car Sales Made Simple

Beepi allows a private citizen to sell their car on their site in a pretty simple fashion.  First, you sign on to the site and answer all of the basic questions about your car.  You provide the VIN, the mileage, and the make and model.  Then you go through a detailed series of specific questions regarding the function of the vehicle itself, the condition of the body, and maintenance records.  Then you simply tell Beepi where you’re located, and they schedule an inspection of your car, at your house.

The inspector will come to you, and check your car out on your property, and these guys have had some pretty rigorous training.  First, they’re all certified professionals with some serious experience.  The newbies even have to train under a seasoned employee for over a hundred hours before they’re permitted to inspect alone.  The vehicle then goes through a 240 point inspection, and if one thing doesn’t pass Beepi’s standards, they don’t list the car until that item is fixed or replaced.  The inspection lasts about an hour and a half, and they’ll come to you, wherever you are.  Need to finish your yardwork?  That’s okay, just give the inspectors your driver’s license, title, and registration and be on your way.

After the Inspection

After the car passes the inspection, they’ll take photos for the listing, and they’ll make the car available.  The site allows the owner to tell prospective buyers the tale of their vehicle, what they’ve been through together, why they’re selling, or simply what quirks the car has, but either way it allows for a connection to be made and trust to be developed.  Your car will then remain on the Beepi site for thirty days, and if it isn’t sold in that period of time, they’ll buy it themselves.  The best part about Beepi, though, is that they’re taking all of the hassle out of selling a car.  They’ve simplified the process to the next level, and all you have to do is sit back and collect your money. They handle all of the financial paperwork, the sales process, and the pickup and delivery of the car.  What more could you ask for?

Currently, the service is only available in select states, but Beepi hopes to expand across the country in the near future.  In just three short years, they are projected to nearly triple their revenue, by adding locations and ramping up the amount of services they’re offering.  By streamlining the process of buying and selling a pre-owned car, Beepi offers a valuable service that will have you wondering how we did it before they came along.

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