How do You Want to Tour Europe?

The romance of backpacking through Europe is one thing, but a more practical way to tour the old world that offers some of the oldest structures ever built by man and a wide variety of great countries to enjoy along the way. The more practical way to travel would be to drive a car of some sort, but having a car typically means you need to have hotels along the way and can’t enjoy the same romance that would come from backpacking and pitching a tent wherever you want to. Instead of booking hotels along the way you could pull a trailer, but that usually means you end up having to drive an SUV or pickup truck to pull the trailer.

If you want a fuel efficient option and the ability to pull a trailer that weighs up to 2,000 pounds, which is enough to allow you to have a trailer that has pop-outs and is a great place to sleep each night you can consider touring the European countryside in a Prius. This is an actual feature of the new E-Four Prius that will be offered in specific markets but is able to give you the opportunity to travel with a trailer behind this small and fuel efficient car.
Unfortunately, for now, at least, the Prius will not offer this trailering capability in the United States. Toyota has chosen the Japanese market and the UK market to be the areas that will have Prius models that can actually perform this towing. this makes it impossible for you to travel through the United States towing a trailer behind the Prius, but you can certainly enjoy this ability if you choose to travel in Europe and have a great ride. This option for the Prius is a cost of $1,450 as an item that can be added to the car to have the pulling ability you want.
This is only offered in the E-Four with the AWD and is the product of the heat management measures that have become part of the hybrid system and the main electric motor generator. This added capability is about giving us the car that will be able to handle the challenges of pulling a lightweight trailer and the fact that this car still can maintain the fuel mileage you want to enjoy on any road that you choose to take your trailer and Prius for a tour through Europe.
If the alternatives are backpacking, using a fuel guzzling SUV or a Prius that can give you the fuel efficiency you want and the towing capacity you need, forget the over powered choice and the romantic one and go with the practical option so you can take a trailer with you to sleep in and have a car that is easy on the gas. With the Prius you will be able to enjoy the drive through Europe seeing sights you have never seen before and may never get a chance to come back and see again.

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