Where do You Put Your Smartphone While Driving?

For many years we have enjoyed the fact that automakers are making our vehicles be more connected than ever before to give us the use of your smartphone while driving for navigation, playing music or for making phone calls.  The problem has been where to keep the smartphone as some of the console areas have not been built to house these items for us and make it so we would have a place them in places that are meant for other items such as drink bottles and cups.  Now we see automakers creating specialized placed for the smartphones and tablets we need; here are some of the vehicles that offer this space for users to enjoy the drive even more.

Lexus RX – This vehicle offers the wireless charging support we want to be able to take our phones along and know they are being charged while we charge along with a large center storage bin in the center console to give us a place to keep our phone or our tablet. There is even a small shelf in the back of this Lexus so the back seat passengers can have a place to put their smartphones in the vehicle as well.

Toyota Highlander – This SUV offers you plenty of passenger comfort and space and the enjoyment of the Driver Easy Speak system that makes it easier for you to communicate with rear seat passengers through an amplification system.  The place for your smartphone is on a special shelf that is built into the center stack just below the HVAC system.  This shelf is great because it offers a pass-through for your charging cords with the port for charging placed just below the shelf to make this an easy, neat and convenient way to enjoy the ride in this excellent SUV.

Volkswagen Golf – The place for your phone in this car is in a storage bin that is located just in front of the gear selector.  This is a great place for it as this storage area typically goes unused because many of us worry about having items in the way of the gear selector.  This space is large enough for a tablet sized phone and has a rubberized shelf to make sure your device won’t move around during your driving and won’t end up falling under the seat and get lost on you where you will end up having a hard time finding it later.

Honda Civic – This is a car that shows you Honda is paying attention as you will have two shelves for the storage of tech devices.  These shelves feature the rubber mats needed to keep items from sliding around and a cable passes through to the lower storage area that will allow your charging cord to be plugged into either the USB or 12 volts so that you can use the charging cable or adapter that you use on a daily basis with your phone.  This makes your tech devices easier to keep working in your vehicle and keep them secure.

Honda Pilot – The center console of this vehicle is large enough for many purses, but when you look inside you will see two places to charge up an electronic device and understand that you can enjoy the ride with devices that are fully charged when you get to your destination.  Even the cupholders are built with a cut through that can fit your phone when you need it closer to you and fill the console with other items that are already charging inside this immense space for you to be able to enjoy a variety of charging and storage options.

Nissan Titan – Where do you want to put your phone in the Titan?  You have at least three options with a slot for the phone, a hole to put your tablet in and a cut through on the cupholders to allow you another place for your phone.  This is a great way for you to carry the devices you need, especially if this truck is made for work and is your rolling office.  With so many places you can keep the items you need for work you will know that you have storage you need for all your devices in the Nissan Titan.

Chevrolet Volt – This new second generation of the Volt offers a wide array of tech features for you to admire and enjoy along with a great slot next to the shifter that is perfect for your smartphone to rest.  This gives you easy access to the charging ports from here and keeps your smartphone handy when you needed it.  This car also features the slotted cupholders to be able to keep your phone in this space when you don’t take a drink along with you.  It’s nice to have options for where you can keep your smartphone when you take a ride.

Nissan Murano – This is an SUV that is new for Nissan as it’s been redesigned and it’s actually much more luxurious than older models.  There is plenty of power in the Nissan Murano and a few great places for you to keep your smartphone or tablet.  There is a small slot in front of the armrest to hold smaller smartphones and a slot between the cupholders that works great for larger smartphones and small tablets.  In the rear, there is a slot in the top of the armrest to keep tech devices as well to accommodate all passengers.

Chrysler Pacifica – This new minivan is meant to be practical and has been designed for a modern-day family that has every member carrying some form of a smartphone.  The center console offers plenty of storage areas and charging features along with a small shelf and slot for the smartphone.  This shelf is a bit lower, but it makes for a great place to keep your phone or a set of headphones that you will enjoy when you get back home or to your destination so that you can easily enjoy the connectivity of your phone when you get where you are going.

Audi Q7 – This new SUV is one of the most technologically advanced vehicles on the market and offers you a great look inside and out.  With Audi Q7 you can enjoy a small rubberized mat storage area that will allow you to place your smartphone in a place that is easy to access and charge from while also keeping your phone safe from slipping down under the seats where it will be extremely difficult to locate and retrieve it from.  This SUV will be the one you want to drive and having a place for your phone makes it even more attractive.

Cadillac and GM Secret Shelf – Some of the GM models have a shelf behind the infotainment screen that is the perfect place for you to store and charge your smartphone.  This can be found in a wide variety of the larger vehicles from GM and Cadillac and makes it easier for you to connect your phone to the infotainment system and have a way to use the features of your phone while charging as you enjoy the ride down the road.  With this feature on the GM models, you can truly enjoy the connection of having your phone in this shelf area behind the screen.

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