What’s Trending In Electronics?

Trends come and go, without a doubt. What was the next best thing to sliced bread in ’94 is virtually nonexistent these days? Remember the day you got your first cassette tape? How about your first CD Discman? Of course, you do because those instances coincide with the seminal moments in our lives. There was the time you angrily shoved your headphones into your ears and slid down a wall as the music got you through your teenage breakup or the time you stayed in an AOL chat room until the sun came up. The thing is, trends disappear and live on only in our memories.

Electronics create some of the biggest trends to follow in the world these days. Three years ago, FitBit activity trackers were all the rage but they’ve had to step their game up to remain relevant. What was popular last year, isn’t now. However, trends are also extremely important to the way electronics companies function. Each year, they pay close attention to what did well and what flopped. They watch what people liked about specific items and improve their products to become the next big thing the following year.

[2017 Electronics Trends… So Far]

  • Smart Lighting Systems – We’re already dependent on our phones, so why not just turn our mobile devices into remote controls for our entire homes. While smart systems are wholly trending, the basic starter pack begins with the lighting. Most of the smart lighting systems on the market allow users to turn the lights on before they even walk in the door, thus leading to a feeling of safety. Oh, and another thing? They can help to set the mood for whatever you’re into with dimming and color changing capabilities.
  • Bluetooth Speakers – Remember the rocks with the speakers built into them that turned every backyard into a DJ booth? While some people still cling to that dying technology, most people have found their way to a Bluetooth speaker system. When it’s a tiny portable speaker that is perfect for a dinner party on the back patio or if it’s an all-out system, Bluetooth is certainly the most convenient way to add the tunes to any event. Once again, a system controlled by our smartphones, Bluetooth technology has made the backyard barbecue musical again.
  • Home Security Systems – Protecting your home used to mean having a keypad and alarm sensors hardwired in your house, and there were drawbacks from that type of system. Most of them featured an audible tone any time a door was opened or closed whether the alarm was on or off. Talk about an annoyance. These days, home security is as simple as mounting a couple of high tech cameras and connecting the feed to a tablet or cell phone. Many of them also have motion detector settings to alert homeowners when there is movement detected on the property.
  • Robot Vacuums – Sure, they were a cute novelty item a couple of years ago, but they’re gaining popularity over the past few years. More people are signing on to the effortless cleaning of the robotic vacuums. Built to sense furniture and other objects, these vacuums are a quarter of the size of a bulky traditional vacuum cleaner and they make cleaning a snap. You can literally vacuum your floors while you take a shower or even, while you’re at work.
  • Smart Devices – If you’ve been in someone’s house recently, there is a chance you’ve heard them talking to themselves about getting milk or asking what fifteen percent of thirty dollars is. They’re (probably) not talking to themselves. It’s likely that they’re talking to a smart device like Amazon’s Echo or the Google Home. More and more people are using these devices to answer spur of the moment questions, to compile to-do lists, or even to manage their calendars. It’s a great tool for busy people and it eliminates the clutter of paper lists.

Next year, there will be something better, something bigger that is going to replace one, if not all, of these items. Slowly, but surely they’ll be bumped off the list as the next big company comes up with something cooler than what’s out there right now.

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