Someone Please Take His Phone Away

Does anyone else out there watch the news with your hand poised in constant “head-slap” position waiting for the next dangerously divisive thing that our President has tweeted? Well, you’re not alone. For the people saying “I told you so”, the nightly news is a solid mix of comedy and horror as they wait to see the next person whom our President has angered. However, the incredulity and head-slapping aren’t only reserved for the Trump haters, as even his supporters want to shout at their televisions, “Someone take his phone already!”

Twitter is a dangerous medium as it’s given a lot of people a voice, most of whom we didn’t care to hear from in the first place (Kanye West, we’re talking to you). Also, because of the limited character count, a lot of stuff gets easily misconstrued. No matter who is in your audience, your Tweet is going to make someone feel some type of way. The unfortunate fact is that our President has become an expert at this, and the most polarizing issue is that he doesn’t seem to care.

Being the President of the United States requires many characteristics; effulgence, humility, optimism, and the ability to sit back and take advice from others. Our President may be intelligent, but from his tweets, you would never know it. Using Twitter as his giant megaphone, President Trump has steadily been making himself out to be a huge bully, and most of the worry in the world is that he’s probably pushing the wrong people. Have you ever heard the expression, “Writing a check your butt can’t cash?” Generally, the American population is wholly worried that their President is doing that very thing….and they may not be wrong.

He has been routinely tweeting incredibly offensive insults, calling out other world leaders – essentially poking some hibernating bears, and essentially touting himself as the greatest of all time. He’s managed to – at some point – anger most American citizens and the general concern is that he is going to say something that we’re going to be unable to smooth over. There are a lot of sects, organizations, and even countries out there that aren’t our biggest fans already, and our President is doing nothing to help that.

In the days before social media, our President could say something stupid and it would hang around for the most current news cycle and then people would (almost) forget. With social media, though, it just doesn’t go away. One wrong thing is said and the next day there are five hundred memes capturing the mistake, forever. However, in past years, when the President went off-book and said something that hadn’t been written for him, he could apologize and go for a good, long time without saying something else wrong within that year, or at least the month. Our current President can barely make it past a news cycle without angering another group of human beings.

In a time when our country is incredibly divided, it is the President who should be speaking out to unite us. Johnson did it after Kennedy was assassinated. Obama did it in the face of police hatred and protesting. George W. tried to do this after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and was said to have failed miserably, but he tried. It seems as though our President is enjoying the hatefulness with which we speak to each other, which is a terrifying concept.

We’ve all met childhood playground bullies that pull your hair and run away, but it’s somewhat concerning when our bully is pulling the hair of countries that would love to cause mass destruction to ours. We’ve already suffered several horrific attacks in other countries that have been caused by extremists who detest the way of life in those areas, and we can never forget the devastation suffered on 9/11. Certainly, our country has taken strides to protect us, but are we ever truly as safe as we think we are? The top concern about Trump’s tweeting is that one of these days, something is going to hit home and it’s going to be the final kick in the shins for the world leaders who are having a hard time with us already.


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