A Change is Gonna Come with the new iPhone 8

There are over 700 million iPhones that have been sold worldwide and yet we anxiously await the next one with baited breath to make sure that we’re not missing out on the newest technology and the best new phone.

The release of the iPhone 6 changed the game for phone users as Apple began offering the Plus model, a phone that rivaled the billboard sized phones that electronics giant Samsung was releasing for the public. The huge models they had to offer were beginning to draw some loyalists away from the noble iPhone until the 6 Plus came out.

Disappointment? To Say the Least

To say that the release of the iPhone 7 was a disappointment to loyal users would be a gross understatement. The announcement of the newest version sent people rushing to their laptops and mobile devices to check out the specs for the brand new iPhone. From the very first press piece, people were crestfallen because not enough changes had been made to make it all that noteworthy. The 7 wasn’t promising to be that much cooler than the six, and the one huge change they made was kind of inconvenient for most users.

See, Apple decided that enough of their audience had made the transition to Bluetooth headphones that they no longer would need the separate headphone port on their phones. So they eliminated it. Ear pods came with the appropriate jack to hook them up to the phone and there was an adapter included in the packaging. There were also small changes made to the speakers, the camera housing unit, and added some new colors to the selection but none of these were good enough to consider this a whole new phone or raise the pricing on it.

There was one significant change made to the iPhone 7 that actually did make customers rave! For many iPhone users, there have been two major problems with the phone that everyone hated; the power button and the home button. The home button was the bane of many users’ existence. First, it made the phone super vulnerable to water damage. Second, it was typically the first thing that rendered the phone unusable when things started to go badly. Apple eliminated the standard home button on the iPhone 7 and made it solid state that responded to haptics rather than a press-and-click button.

The thing that made this design so brilliant, and thus worth the upgrade? It was water resistant now, for up to thirty minutes. It was like having a Lifeproof case…well, for thirty minutes anyway. Users could now take photos underwater if they were into that sort of thing and if your phone fell into the bathtub, say while you were texting that you were already on your way to the event for which you were bathing, it didn’t matter as much as it did in the past.

The Next Big Thing?

With the official press release and physical release of the iPhone 8 looming ever closer, people are starting to get antsy. Rightfully so, as people are chomping at the bit to see what Apple has in store for the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. If the rumors are to be believed, big changes are on the horizon for the humble iPhone and it’s about to be a completely different phone. If the rumors are to be believed, there is a crazy change coming and the iPhone isn’t going to recognizable anymore. A real change is coming this year!

According to the reports, the home button and the surrounding bezel areas are gone, as Apple is planning on a full screen display. So how will fingerprint recognition, pretty new technology as far as phones go, work without the home button? It won’t; the iPhone 8 will have facial recognition software. Word has it that they’ll be doing away with the aluminum housing for the phone as well and the entire body of the phone will be glass.

This one is said to be water resistant as well, just more so. It’s going to be about five inches, but most of that will be display, unlike previous versions, but here’s the catch. This model is going to be marketed as an upgraded version and will cost a cool grand to purchase. Of course, this is mostly based on speculation as Apple hasn’t made any statements affirming or denying these wild guesses and as usual are keeping pretty mum leading up to the official release that is said to happen in September.

Is the iPhone 8 going to be worth the wait?

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