The Best Biopics on the Silver Screen

It’s estimated that over sixty billion dollars are spent every year in movie theaters worldwide. Each year studios are pumping out hundreds upon hundreds of movies, some of which are excellent, but most of which fall heavily into the mediocre category. However, every once in awhile a movie comes along that changes the way you feel about films and sometimes humanity in general.

More often that not, that movie is an epic moving story of human triumph or despair. It walks you through the range of human emotions and the depths of what people will do to each other. An outstanding film will move you to tears or pull a laugh from deep in your stomach; you’ll run the gamut of emotions with each passing moment. A lot of these films are based on events that have actually taken place in real life. They feature the emotional stories of real people, thus the reason they have the ability to pull such passionate feelings from within you.

The Top Ten List

The aforementioned films, the ones that seem to reach deep into your soul, are called biopics. They are usually heartwarming biographical films that dramatize the life of a real person or a real event. These movies find a way to pull two hours out of an entire lifetime of a human being and bring viewers along for the ride. Of course, some biopics are hit or miss, but these are some of the best!

  • The Fighter – This film, released in 2010 featured Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg as brothers. One brother is addicted to street drugs, namely crack cocaine, and has fallen from grace as a once-promising boxer. The other brother is on his way up in the boxing world. Cue dramatic family tension and add in a stellar supporting cast and you’ve got the recipe for a fantastic film!
  • Into the Wild – This film is not only well-acted and well written, but it’s cinematically gorgeous as well. It’s the inspiring and tragic story of Christopher McCandless, who gives up his worldly possessions to live in the wilds of Alaska. The film details his journey, the people he meets, and the gorgeous scenery through which he treks.
  • Walk the Line – Give me anything about Johnny and June and I’m hooked, but this one was done so well it has to make the list. Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon portrayed the early days of Johnny Cash and June Carter’s lives so incredibly well that Witherspoon walked away with the Best Actress Oscar that year.
  • Raging Bull – This biopic chronicled the life of World Middleweight boxer Jake LaMotta. LaMotta developed a reputation, through his troubled life, as a brawler in the ring and was known to have one of the best chins in the business. Robert DeNiro took home the Best Actor statue the year it was made for his portrayal.
  • The Blindside – Give viewers a movie that centers around football and they’ll come out to see it in droves. Add in some yanked on heartstrings and you get The Blindside.   Sandra Bullock was convincing enough as the mother of hard luck superstar Michael Oher that she took home the Best Actress Oscar in 2010.
  • Rudy – See? Football sells. This movie featured Sean Astin as Daniel Ruettiger who fought hard to achieve his dream of playing football for Notre Dame. It’s considered one of the most inspiring films of all times, and rightfully so as it is a tearjerker and a half!
  • Girl, Interrupted – Although Winona Ryder was considered the star of this film, it was the portrayal of sociopath Lisa as played by Angelina Jolie that made the critics go crazy for this one. Detailing Susannah Kaysen’s stay in a mental hospital for a suicide attempt, the film shows her effortless and purposeful descent into madness and her subsequent recovery.
  • Schindler’s List – This absolutely heartbreaking biopic from Steven Spielberg, chronicles the events surrounding the life of Oskar Schindler who assisted in saving over 1000 Polish-born Jewish people during the holocaust. Depicted in black and white, and complete with an all-star cast, this film will coax tears from even the hardest hearts.
  • Braveheart – Many people know that William Wallace was an actual person, but they don’t always make the connection that Braveheart was a mostly true story. Mel Gibson played the Scottish warrior and clinched the Best Director and Best Picture Oscars in 1995. If the final scene of the movie doesn’t break your heart, you’re made completely of stone.
  • The Social Network – This film details the startup of Facebook from its humble beginnings in a dorm room to the epic legal battle between Mark Zuckerberg, his former best friend, and the Winklevoss twins. Although it doesn’t sound all that entertaining, it will change the way you think about Facebook’s founder.

There are many other biopics that have been incredibly done and brought to the silver screen nearest you. Get your hands on some DVDs and celebrate the lives of some incredible people.

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