Automotive Award Season

Every once in a while, a company steps up and shows their support for a specific product in the form of an award. There are awards for music, like the Grammy Awards or the Country Music Awards. Award season for films kicks off at the beginning of the year, and runs through February, celebrating the accomplishments of the world’s most famous actors and actresses. There are awards supplied for achievements, performance, and everything in between in millions of different fields; healthcare, sports, fashion, and business. With the booming automotive industry, it stands to reason that there would be recognition for the best of the best.

Each year, a number of companies survey the latest releases in the automotive field and determine which automakers have the best vehicles. However, it doesn’t stop there. They also look for specific features like safety equipment, towing capacity, and other features drivers value in their vehicles. They look at each individual type of cars; pickup trucks, sedans, compacts, and SUVs, but then they get a little more intricate with their selection. They detail the best family cars, the top picks in luxury cars, and even the eco-friendliest vehicles that were produced for that model year.

It is from these awards that many automakers hang their hat. If your models are picked as the cream of the crop for multiple years, that is a significant accomplishment and is something that denotes quality craftsmanship. For those who’ve never received one of these coveted awards, they’ve got something to strive for when completing a remodeling process on one of their models. A lot of automotive manufacturers use these awards as a standard by which they judge the way they want to construct their vehicles on a yearly basis. It’s a big deal to make the lists every year, and car buyers look for reputable brands that have won one of the top awards.

  • IIHS Safety Awards – Every year the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety surveys the different vehicles that come out for the new model year. They use two different criteria by which they judge a car; crashworthiness, which measures how a vehicle fairs in the event of a collision, and crash mitigation, which determines the usefulness of the technology that is meant to help avoid accidents. For the crash testing, they use five different categories, and score the cars in each of those five fields. These scores help determine whether or not the car is then given the Safety Pick or the Safety Pick+ award for that year.
  • Car and Driver Editors’ Choice Awards – Car and Driver is a website that is a virtual treasure trove for both buyers and dealers alike. They offer reviews, news articles, videos that showcase insider knowledge as well as real-life testing of vehicles to answer the questions that the auto manufacturers aren’t answering. They judge in several different categories, separating each winner out by body style, and choices, such as price point and size.
  • Awards – is an automotive website that gives consumers almost every piece of information they can muster about every brand, every model, and every year. They have an integrated search program where car buyers can search by the aforementioned criteria and pull up a list of the car’s features, reviews, and other valuable information. The site also offers helpful information, in addition to handing out awards each year. They offer more practical awards like the most popular cars on their site, the cars that have the best resale value, the best dealerships, and the best used cars on the market. They also offer fantastically comprehensive top ten lists detailed the most gas efficient cars and the best family cars, as well.
  • J.D. Power and Associates Awards – As a company that prides itself on having its ear to the ground for the best of the best, this award is pretty prestigious. J.D. Power and Associates answer to the consumers by helping them make better decisions about the purchase of nearly any product on the market. The awards they give out for cars are pretty diverse, but the main category is their Automotive Performance Execution and Layout Study Award, or APEAL award. The winners are divided by make and body style for easy location of past winners on the website.

Some of the most popular brands on the market have several wins under their belt, and they continue to rack up the awards on a yearly basis. However, some extremely popular models have seen a massive fall from grace, simply by missing a year of winning one of these awards. While the purchase of a car cannot be determined solely by whether or not it has won an award, their status and reputation for award-winning performance should be considered when conducting your research.


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