Abe Lincoln’s Hat that He Wore While Being Assassinated

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Many of the historical artifacts that people collect are filled with sorrow and regret. We often use them as reminders of dangers in life, troubles faced by others, and things that changed the world for better or for worse. This, the top hat that President Abraham Lincoln was wearing when he was shot by John Wilkes Booth in Ford’s Theatre … Read More

Home Defense Choices

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Life presents tough choices, sometimes. When it comes to defense, most people rely on alarms or even firearms to keep themselves and their families safe. There are those who prefer a good Louisville Slugger, of course, but at least they’re not like those who have no form of defense other than their screams when invaders come. In today’s society, screams … Read More

Is Comet Ison Actually a Klingon Bird of Prey?

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Before you believe that this is a spoof article or one that is about to insult a conspiracy theory crackpot, keep in mind that the evidence presented in the videos below are actually pretty compelling. Saying that the images appear to be a Klingon Bird of Prey from Star Trek isn’t a joke. If you’re familiar with the fictional space … Read More

Man Walks the West with 3 Mules

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Today I learned there’s a man roaming the various lands of the western United States with three mules. As he says, he’s not homeless. “Our home is the Earth.” According to Yahoo: The police mostly let him stay for the night, since he’s only passing through. It’s rare to find places where mules are explicitly prohibited by law, so they … Read More

Branding is the Consolation Prize in Social Media

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“Second place is a set of steak knives.” When Alec Baldwin’s character lectured the sales team in Glengarry Glen Ross, he made it clear that the winner was the one on top, that everyone else was lucky to have a job, and that if they continued to perform the way they did they wouldn’t have a job for much longer. … Read More

Twitter and Pinterest are Too Easy to be Ignored by Dealers

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There’s a case against Twitter and Pinterest that is being waged by some in the automotive industry. They’ll say that there simply isn’t a good return on investment, that they aren’t worth messing with because it’s just too hard to find a benefit from them. This is true until you look at one major factor: time. Twitter and Pinterest require … Read More

Be Mindful of Your Twitter Hashtags #nowthatchersdead

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It was a not-so-funny website to start with. IsThatcherDeadYet was started by people who did not like the former British Prime Minister and they seem to be “celebrating” her passing. Part of the way that they’re doing it is by promoting the Twitter hashtag #nowthatchersdead. The problem is that many people though it meant “Now That Cher’s Dead” instead of … Read More

Why Roswell Needs More Attention

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Roswell Press Release

In July, 1947, a disc of some sort crashed near Roswell, New Mexico. For 65 years, the US government has maintained the absurd cover story that it was a crashed weather balloon. This topic needs to be reignited often. Nothing like this has ever maintained maximum “Ultra Top Secret” status for so long. If it really was a weather balloon, … Read More

This is Why You Should Always Have Chalk Handy

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The world is full of jerks. There’s not much we can do about it, but there are ways to make statements that make the jerks look bad, have a chance of teaching them a lesson, and give the self-gratification of a job well done. In a jerk’s world, chalk can come in handy. We would like to give a shout … Read More

Bored and Talented

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We all get stuck at events that lack the inspiration we need to stay focused. Gadgets and gizmos often give us an outlet now to keep our eyes from falling, but even those aren’t always reliable. If you have the talent and the right subject, a pencil and paper can give us an old-fashioned release from our boredom. Credit: Reddit