Tea calendar will make you want to be European

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The Tea Calendar

When brilliance in marketing meets traditional quality, something special comes forth. In this case, it’s the Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar. Before you ask, we’ll go ahead and declare that it’s not for sale. Yet. The company produced it through a painstaking manual process of producing 365 different types of tea “pages” that could be torn from the calendar, dropped … Read More

Uber: Don’t Call it a Taxi

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Uber Taxi

Raise your hand if you’ve had a negative experience with a cab driver. Okay, you can put your hands down now. We’ve all been there; erratic driving, streams of profanity directed at other drivers, incessant horn honking, and the cheerful interruptions from dispatch. Coupled with traffic, sleepiness from travel, and surly drivers, riding in a taxi can be a harrowing … Read More

The new ‘Mission Impossible’ trailer gives us hope

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Mission Impossible Rogue Nation

The Mission Impossible franchise was supposed to be awesome. The first installment was. Then, it went downhill quickly from there. The new trailer from the fifth installment gives us hope, mostly because Tom Cruise is front and center again. For those who watched the last installment, Ghost Protocol, you were probably disappointed to realize that Tom Cruise was probably getting … Read More

A Dodge Charger in Texas

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1970 Dodge Charger R/T Hemi 426

In Texas where “all things are bigger” many of the residents own and drive trucks of a variety of sizes and shapes. Some do drive cars, mostly the sedans we see every day heading to work, making the commute on a daily basis and giving the driver (hopefully) a place to decompress after a long day at work. For a … Read More

Uber Highlight: California’s Lotusland Gardens

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California's Lotusland gardens

Those of us in California are used to seeing beautiful scenery in many of our travels. The land is ripe for agriculture with farmland, wineland, and yes, Lotusland. Ganna Walska presents Lotusland to host events, weddings, and special occasions related to nature. It’s an ecological masterpiece in some of the most fertile land in North America. Columbia Tribune did a nice … Read More