Lexus Concept Car

Concept cars that need a lot more work

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The beauty of showing a car as a concept is the fact that an automaker can test the waters and take in the public opinion before actually releasing the car for sale.  Some concepts are so over the top it’s hard to ever imagine them as becoming actual cars that are seriously sold in any country.  Other concepts are actually …

Walmart Service Center

Can Wal Mart’s Service Centers Rival Your Local Toyota Dealership?

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Wal Mart has announced that they will ramp up their auto service centers for customers. From oil change, tire changes, general maintenance, safety and emergency and accessories, Wal Mart is offering a plethora of services for your car truck or SUV. This will make it more “affordable” for consumers, but how does it really compare to your local automotive dealership? …

Audi CEO Attacks Google Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars could be Google ad spies, Audi boss warns

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It could be the rash of conspiracy theories and new world order fearmongers that are getting to Audi CEO Rupert Stadler all riled up for no reason. Then again, he may be onto something as he accuses Google of getting into the car business in an effort to promote advertising revenues.

Piano Bike

Piano bikes… because you probably never knew it was a thing

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Personally, I had never heard of piano bikes, but thanks to a post on Reddit that led me to do a search on Google, I came to the conclusion that I may be the one missing out. In case you’re like me and didn’t realize that piano bikes were a thing around the world, here are a few images of …

The Tea Calendar

Tea calendar will make you want to be European

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When brilliance in marketing meets traditional quality, something special comes forth. In this case, it’s the Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar. Before you ask, we’ll go ahead and declare that it’s not for sale. Yet. The company produced it through a painstaking manual process of producing 365 different types of tea “pages” that could be torn from the calendar, dropped …

Uber Taxi

Uber: Don’t Call it a Taxi

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Raise your hand if you’ve had a negative experience with a cab driver. Okay, you can put your hands down now. We’ve all been there; erratic driving, streams of profanity directed at other drivers, incessant horn honking, and the cheerful interruptions from dispatch. Coupled with traffic, sleepiness from travel, and surly drivers, riding in a taxi can be a harrowing …